6 Native American Graphic Design Tutorials

November 27, 2012

Native American artists have created spectacular designs for centuries. Intricate blanket weavings, elaborate headdresses, and beautiful dream catchers have inspired Native Americans and other cultures, and are highly sought craftwork at art shows the world over. Talented Native American artists craft their masterpieces by hand, painstakingly applying attention to detail for amazing results. Today, graphic designers don’t have to know how to make Native American artwork by hand in order to recreate the inherent beauty of their designs; with software such as Photoshop and Illustrator, you can make your own digital versions of Native American artwork right on your computer.  To help you get started, try the following six awesome Native American graphic design tutorials.

1.  Native American Woodland Woman

This tutorial shows you how to make a woodland collage around a Native American woman, drawing on styles and themes associated with Native Americans. Emulate the style for beautiful poster designs and more. Photoshop tutorial Colouring tricks for inked artwork - Digital Arts - Google C_2012-11-14_10-06-46  

2.  Bow and Arrow Illustration

Native American craftwork isn’t just for looks; it’s often functional as well.  This tutorial walks you through the process of illustrating a simple bow and arrow, tools essential to Native American life that had to be designed well enough to withstand the rigors of hunting. how-to-draw-a-simple-bow-and-arrow.jpg (560×1040) - Google Chrome_2012-11-14_10-09-07  

3.  Design an Indian Sunset with Photoshop

Teepees are another prime example of Native American excellence in form and function. This Photoshop tutorial demonstrates how you can create a stunning sunset scene, step-by-step. How To Create A Beautiful Indian Sunset Scenery - Photoshop Tutorial - Pxleyes.c_2012-11-14_10-11-36  

4.  Dreamcatcher Tutorial

Dreamcatchers are beautiful works of art that serve a purpose: They catch bad dreams in the loop, or web, and the feathers serve as conduits to send good dreams to sleepers. How To Create A Colorful Native American Dreamcatcher - Photoshop Tutorial - Pxl_2012-11-14_10-13-04  

5.  Dramatic Western Movie Poster Tutorial

This isn’t exactly a Native American design, but a Native American is central to the “cowboys and Indians” theme employed by this movie poster design tutorial. Create a Dramatic Western Style Movie Poster in Photoshop - Google Chrome_2012-11-14_10-16-40  

6.  How To Incorporate Native American Symbology in Graphic Design

Not a specific graphic design tutorial, but an article that explains basic Native American symbolism and how it might fit into your designs. 8c0bd19711dadf92d51a12d0219e25b7dc6b8867_large.jpg (600×600) - Google Chrome_2012-11-14_10-18-36

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