10 Super-Cool Product Label Designs

March 13, 2014

Retail products, especially those found in supermarkets, represent some of the world’s best-selling merchandise. However, launching a new brand and attaining a position of prominence among so many competitors can be incredibly difficult, much less maintaining that position once achieved. That’s why product label designs are so critical to retail product success. Product label designs work to get noticed and to brand a product. They’re visual sales tools, consciously and subconsciously convincing consumers to purchase the products they represent. For your inspiration, here are 10 super-cool product label designs.

1.  Victoria’s Kitchen Almond Water by QNY Creative

An alternative to iced tea and lemonade, Victoria’s Kitchen Almond Water bottle designers perfectly fuse wholesome nostalgia with vibrant “shelf impact.” Victoria’s Kitchen Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_10-07-58-Optimized  

2.  Lapp and Fao Syrups by Studio Chapeaux

How do you make a suite of syrups interesting? By creating a persona for each! Lapp & Fao Syrups Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_10-14-17-OptimizedLapp & Fao Syrups Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_10-14-08-Optimized  

3.  Garage Monk Naked Labels

These aren’t your typical beer bottle labels; first, they’re not associated with any particular of brand. They’re sold separately for personal use, or to place on your own homebrews. Reusable and rewritable with dry erase markers, you can customize your special batch bottles or simply mark your beer with these unique labels. Garage Monk Naked Labels Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_10-19-23-Optimized  

4.  Treeson Spring Water

This label lends nature appeal to natural spring water, an important aspect of the Treeson brand which also includes a postage-paid label on the back of each bottle so customers can mail their bottles back in to be turned into clean energy that’s used to produce more recycled bottles. Treeson Spring Water — The Dieline - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_10-22-31-Optimized  

5.  Cori Creed Wildflower Honey by Saint Bernadine Mission Communications Inc.

This product label was inspired by paint tubes to represent Creed’s passion for art, and prominently displays a message from Cori. It’s a limited-edition package that also lists the flowers bees used to make the honey. Cori Creed Wildflower Honey Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_10-26-16-Optimized  

6.  Smith and Forge Hard Cider by Soulsight

This label design is perfect for a product that aims to be big and bold. Smith & Forge Hard Cider — The Dieline - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_10-29-25-OptimizedSmith & Forge Hard Cider — The Dieline - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_10-29-31-Optimized  

7.  Woodinville Whiskey by David Cole Creative

The foil-stamped label sets this bottle design apart from other whiskeys, which is why it is prominently featured both on the bottle and through the die-cut packaging. Woodinville Whiskey Co. Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_10-31-13-Optimized  

8.  Fatworks Premium Cooking Oil by Sol Gracia

This product label is clean and minimalist with modern typography. Fatworks Premium Cooking Oil — The Dieline - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_10-33-21-Optimized  

9.  Viejo Indecente by Yujo! Creatividad Aplicada

This mesmerizing design draws customers in and is even repeated on the top of the cork (follow the link to see). Viejo Indecente Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_10-34-51-Optimized  

10.  Roar Cordials by Loop Brands

The main product label designs are definitely cool, but I especially love the “100% no nasties” ribbons. Roar Cordials — The Dieline - Google Chrome_2014-03-03_10-36-47-Optimized

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