30 Websites to Download Thousands of Free Fonts

January 13, 2014


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Typography has always played a major role in how a given design is interpreted, and its prevalence and importance in graphic design is greater now than ever before. In many cases, typography makes the difference between a “good” and “bad” design, no matter how subjective the viewer. Moreover, the “typographic web” has created a major push for new fonts that exhibit attention-getting and mood-setting properties. Those fonts, in turn, are transferred to print design, which itself continually “shares” fonts with the web. If you want to enhance your typographic skills, it helps to first learn the basics of good typography. Then, stock your stable with hundreds or even thousands of fonts; that way, you can quickly call upon the perfect font for every design situation. To help you get started, here are 30 websites to download thousands of free fonts.

1.  Simply the Best Fonts

Browse free fonts by categories such as entertainment, stencil, foreign, heavy, messy, outdoor and more.

2.  Abduzeedo

Every Friday, Abduzeedo lists “Five Fresh Free Fonts” you can download.

3.  Action Fonts

A large collection of free fonts for personal use; some are also free for commercial use (check the Read Me files).

4.  Open Font Library

A collection of fonts open for free use; at the time of this writing, more than 950 free fonts were available here.

5.  Dafont

One of the most popular online free font resources with more than 22,000 fonts for free download.

6.  Font Squirrel

Another excellent collection of free fonts; I think Font Squirrel curates one of the finest free font collections online.

7.  Fontspace

Another mega-popular free font download destination. Like Dafont, Fontspace has more than 22,000 free fonts.

8.  1001 Free Fonts

Features tons of fonts for free from one of the most popular free font sites on the web.

9.  1001 Fonts

Features “New and Fresh” fonts, plus makes it incredibly easy to type in text to see what will look like in various fonts.

10.  Font Shop

Sells fonts, but also features a collection of outstanding free fonts for download. Recently added fonts are placed at the top of the list.

11.  Chank

A collection of free fonts exclusive to Chank, contributed by talented designers all over the world. Commercial rights must be purchased, but they’re free for personal use.

12.  Urban Fonts

Tons of outstanding free fonts to download, plus if you subscribe to their newsletter you can get the top 500 downloaded fonts in a single file for free. Tweet about Urban Fonts, and you’ll get another 500 for free. I like the single-file approach, because it saves so much time.

13.  California Fonts

More than 20,000 fonts, each downloadable as an executive file that eliminates the need to unzip and copy each individual font.

14.  Font Garden

Thousands of fonts to download, but no other spectacular features.

15.  Better Fonts

Bills itself as the “easy preview font site.”

16.  Search Free Fonts

One of the largest collections of free fonts on the web, allows you to browse by many different categories to help you filter down to the perfect font.

17.  Google Fonts

A collection of fonts perfect for web use, allows you to tie into its API.

18.  Fonts 101

More than 40,000 free fonts, but you’ll have through this ad-heavy site to get them.

19.  Fonts 500

Lets you input your own text to preview how it is represented by dozens of fonts at the same time.

20.  Identifont

Curates some of the nicest free fonts available on the web, and highlights recent additions.

21.  Font File

Tons of free fonts, plus a large collection of dingbats.

22.  Font Spring

Sells fonts, but still has many fonts free for download.

23.  Font Park

Lets you easily preview your text in multiple fonts at the same time. All fonts on Font Park are free.

24.  Acid Fonts

Features plenty of exclusive free fonts, plus offers font utilities to help you craft custom fonts.

25.  Free Typography

A typography blog that curates and features different free font downloads. It’s good to filter out all the bad fonts first; this blog only features fonts approved by the blog posters.

26.  Fawnt

Bills itself has having the web’s highest-quality free fonts.

27.  Fontleech

Features free fonts in a blog-type layout.

28.  WC Fonts

A collection of exclusive free fonts created by the site administrator.

29.  All Type Fonts

Like many of the free font sites listed here, this service allows users to rate free fonts.

30.  Creamundo

A collection of free fonts curated from other free font download websites. What’s your favorite resource for free fonts?

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