10 Creepy Halloween Greeting Cards

October 13, 2012

Halloween greeting cards let you send creepy-fun sentiments to friends and family members, and it can be even more fun to design your own greeting cards for Halloween.  Be inspired to do so by the following 10 creepy Halloween greeting card designs.

1. Mummy by Nathan Shelton

A cartoonish mummy might not seem creepy at first glance, but the blood-red eyes give me the heebie jeebies! 10 Creepy Halloween Greeting Cards.docx - WordPad_2012-10-10_16-13-09  

2. Venezia in Nero by Rebecca Puebla

Creepy is definitely descriptive of this 3-D imagery by Rebecca Puebla. The combination of masks and hoods takes the uneasiness to a freakish level. It’s weird, and it’s wonderful. 10 Creepy Halloween Greeting Cards.docx - WordPad_2012-10-10_16-13-04  

3. Ride or Die by Damian King

The macabre meets the mischievous in this illustration of a mummy riding a bicycle. It’s full of dark comedy and adds a little levity to the insanity of the idea. 10 Creepy Halloween Greeting Cards.docx - WordPad_2012-10-10_16-12-57  

4. Creepy Skeleton by SeasAndPeas

The amateurish illustration only adds to the creepiness of this big-eyed skeleton. The child-like simplicity gives the horror more weight and a sense of evil. 10 Creepy Halloween Greeting Cards.docx - WordPad_2012-10-10_16-12-47  

5. Creepy Doll by Teri Springer

Gothic horror is on full display with this disembodied doll’s head set against the background of a haunted mansion. The grunge design adds to the weirdness, making this the perfectly creepy card to send on Halloween. 10 Creepy Halloween Greeting Cards.docx - WordPad_2012-10-10_16-12-37  

6. A Gathering of Friends by Gustav Renby

A bloody face graces the front of this card, made more mysterious in black and white. 10 Creepy Halloween Greeting Cards.docx - WordPad_2012-10-10_16-12-29  

7. Wakin The Dead by Gregbo Watson

I’m not sure which is creepier in this design: the iPod-wearing gravedigger, or the bloody shovel. Either way, the dead are waking… and they’re ready to dance. 10 Creepy Halloween Greeting Cards.docx - WordPad_2012-10-10_16-12-22  

8. Halloween Greeting Cards by Auld Edinburgh

Masks, ghosts, and even a noose will send shivers down the spine of those unlucky enough to find one of these in their mailbox. 10 Creepy Halloween Greeting Cards.docx - WordPad_2012-10-10_16-12-15  

9. Spooky Software by Gelb Lobashov

I’m not exactly sure what’s going on in this surreal design, but that doesn’t make it any less creepy. As a matter of fact, the randomness makes it even more creepy.  Go on, stare at it. 10 Creepy Halloween Greeting Cards.docx - WordPad_2012-10-10_16-12-09  

10. Black Spider by Derrick Castle

Look twice at this seemingly simple black spider, and you’ll find hidden images trapped in its web. 10 Creepy Halloween Greeting Cards.docx - WordPad_2012-10-10_16-11-59

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January 07, 2016 03:22 am #

I love the cartoonish stuff they posted on this blog. They're so cute that I wish I had posters of them on my room. I know halloween is supposed to be scary but it is also about having fun so I'd stick to the fun part.

Anonymous's picture
January 07, 2016 03:22 am #

Thanks for your comment, Anastacia! I think part of the fun of Halloween is the scary part! I absolutely agree that many of these designs would make great Halloween posters.

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