30 Designs Straight Outta Pittsburgh

September 25, 2012

Steel City, represented in graphic design.

1. Pittsburgh is Art by GPAC

What is Pittsburgh?  According to the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council, Pittsburgh is Art!

30 Pittsburgh - Google Chrome_2012-09-24_13-23-04


2. First Night by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

This promo graphic for First Night features a sweet silhouette of the skyline and an exciting fireworks display in the background.

30 Pittsburgh - Google Chrome_2012-09-24_13-23-14


3. Art All Night

This design is a call to arms for volunteers needed at Art All Night. The silhouette of the solider is a nice touch.

30 Pittsburgh - Google Chrome_2012-09-24_13-23-26


4. Biennial Artist Talk

This poster promotes the Pittsburgh Filmmakers Center for the Arts, and it employs contrast between the bright orange and pastel purples.

30 Pittsburgh - Google Chrome_2012-09-24_13-24-25


5. Tough Art

This graphic for the Tough Art program at the Children's Museum Pittsburgh is fun and kid-friendly, yet maintains a street-side edginess.

30 Pittsburgh - Google Chrome_2012-09-24_13-24-35


6. Armitage Gone! Dance

The poster for Armitage Gone! Dance takes a simple photo and breaks it up into a collage.  The geometric pattern becomes a playground for the eyes.

30 Pittsburgh - Google Chrome_2012-09-24_13-24-47


7. Rust Melt by the Fe Arts Gallery

What says abstract better than abstract design?

30 Pittsburgh - Google Chrome_2012-09-24_13-24-57


8. Three Rivers Art Festival by Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

Decidedly retro and fun, the Three Rivers Arts Festival poster shows us how to incorporate a sponsor logo without compromising the overall look.

30 Pittsburgh - Google Chrome_2012-09-24_13-25-08


9. Yart Sale by Pittsburgh Center for the Arts

When it comes to making a statement and commanding attention, this screaming face for the Yart Sale can't be beat!

30 Pittsburgh - Google Chrome_2012-09-24_13-25-20


10. ArtUp.org

Grungy and attention-getting, this Art Up logo is easy to remember.

30 Pittsburgh - Google Chrome_2012-09-24_13-25-35


11. Pecha Kucha Night

What the heck is it?  A walrus? A saber-toothed tiger? I guess we'll have to go to Pecha Kucha Night and find out for ourselves.

30 Pittsburgh - Google Chrome_2012-09-24_13-25-56


12. The Pittsburgh Citizen by Bearded Studio

This advertisement employs a newspaper layout to promote citizen journalism.

30 Pittsburgh - Google Chrome_2012-09-24_13-26-08


13. Passports and Artica by Anne Bemis

This logo and letterhead utilizes white space to perfection, adding a splash of color in all the right places.

30 Pittsburgh - Google Chrome_2012-09-24_13-26-19


14. My Health Network by Melissa Faye Shaner

When you have questions, this poster can lead you to the answers.

30 Pittsburgh - Google Chrome_2012-09-24_13-26-37


15. Destination Travel Agency by Kaitlyn Kelly

When you're ready to get out of Pittsburgh, you know who to call!

30 Pittsburgh - Google Chrome_2012-09-24_13-26-53


16. Pittsburgh, PA by Ashley Bennett

It's only two colors, but it captures the spirit of the city in beautiful grunge.

30 Pittsburgh - Google Chrome_2012-09-24_13-27-04


17. Shape the Future by Chris Roberts

The bold colors and the abstract design combine with neon-sign-styled lettering to give off a super-futuristic vibe to this piece by Chris Roberts for a Pittsburgh high school program.3bjkfm30


18. Chimera 9 Soiree by Krystal McNaughton

3D shapes and subtle shades of color command attention for this awesome event poster.


19. Welcome Mat by Stewart Creative

Building silhouettes are often used in city-based designs, and this welcome mat design takes advantage of that concept. 


20. City of Champions

The only things that stand taller than the buildings in Pittsburgh are the sports victories and memories.


21. Steelers Wallpaper

This wallpaper captures the true spirit of the Steelers with hard-edged graphics and a softer gridiron background.


22. Steelers City Poster

I am definitely not a Steelers fan, but the moon logo is pretty sweet.


23. Welcome to Pittsburgh

This realistic painting takes a good-natured jab at the city.

24. Bark and Bowl by Bazooka Digital

A fun and attention-getting design for a great cause.


25. Welcome Pittsburgh by Stewart Creative

Stewart Creative was tasked with designing icons for important Pittsburgh landmarks. The result?  Simple, clean, and highly effective.


26. Sidney Crosby by Caroline Blanchett

What Penguins fan wouldn't love this smashing action portrait of Sidney Crosby?


27. The Rug Cutter Guide by Trisha Swindell

This graphic treatment really gets into the swing of things!


28. Beautiful in Pittsburgh by Electric Lime Studios

Details of beautiful faces draw attention for this Facebook banner.


29. Evolution of the Pittsburgh Steelers by Hiram Henriquez

The Steelers have a long and storied history in Pittsburgh, for which this poster serves as the ultimate visual guide.


30. 1 City, 3 Rivers, 446 Bridges by Anastasia Lanz

This poster sums up Pittsburgh with one really cool design.


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