30 Sizzling Cookout Package Designs

September 19, 2012

Nearly everyone loves outdoor-cooked food, whether it’s burgers and hot dogs on the grill, turkey prepared in a smoker, chili slow-cooked over a fire, or s'mores melted directly over flames.  Have you ever wondered what makes us choose one food brand over another?  Sometimes it’s brand loyalty or the same brands our parents used, sometimes it’s trial and error – which particular hot dog we like best, and sometimes it’s pure pricing. Often, we select our food based on package design. That’s why design is such a critical component of food packaging.  Many popular food brands feature packaging that doesn’t even show the actual food – it’s instead represented as a photo, illustration or in text alone.  To be a successful food brand, especially a new brand, a powerful package design is imperative.  As we transition from summer grills to autumn campfires, I decided to check out some of the hottest cookout package designs today.  Here are 30 examples of sizzling cookout package designs you can use as inspiration for your own graphic designs.

1.  Hot Dang Grain Burgers by Make & Matter

Hot Dang Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2012-09-17_07-03-17  

2.  El Gaucho Hamburger by Blend-It Design

El Gaucho Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2012-09-17_07-04-18  

3.  Zukali Peppers by Imaginaria Creative

Zukali Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2012-09-17_07-05-08  

4.  Adoboloco Jalapeno Sauce by Buzzsaw Studios Inc.

Adoboloco Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2012-09-17_07-05-57  

5.  Gordy’s Pickle Jar by Common Complex

Gordy’s Pickle Jar Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2012-09-17_07-06-57  

6.  BBQ It by Lorraine Nicoletta

Student Work – Lorraine Nicoletta Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2012-09-17_07-07-40  

7.  Fresh Fish Pack by PostlerFerguson

Fresh Fish Pack Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2012-09-17_07-08-34  

8.  Alois Dallmayr Chocolates by FPM

Alois Dallmayr - The Dieline - - Google Chrome_2012-09-17_07-09-44  

9.  Wondermade Marshmallows by The Heads of State

Wondermade - The Dieline - - Google Chrome_2012-09-17_07-11-16  

10.  Organic Game Meats by Edel Quinn

Student Spotlight Barton & Childer's Organic Game Meats - The Dieline - - Googl_2012-09-17_07-12-23  

11.  JBM Homestyle Beans by Tyson Butler

JBM Homestyle Baked Beans Packaging - The Dieline - - Google Chrome_2012-09-17_07-13-18  

12.  Steak Sauce by Williams-Sonoma

Williams-Sonoma Summer 2012 - The Dieline - - Google Chrome_2012-09-17_07-15-06  

13.  Mic’s Chili Sauce by Steve Simpson

Mic's Chilli - The Dieline - - Google Chrome_2012-09-17_07-17-51  

14.  Dirty Apron Spice by Glasfurd & Walker

Dirty Apron Foods Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2012-09-17_07-19-28  

15.  Proper BBQ by Tom Hayes

Proper BBQ Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2012-09-17_07-20-30  

16.  Student Work BBQ Sauce by Sarah Rouse-Higgins

Student Work – Sarah Rouse-Higgins Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2012-09-17_07-21-22  

17.  The Salad Jar by Dylan Garner

The Salad Jar - The Dieline - - Google Chrome_2012-09-17_07-22-40  

18.  Sir Kensington’s Ketchup by Alvin Diec

Sir Kensington’s Gourmet Scooping Ketchup Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2012-09-17_07-23-54  

19.  S’Monsters S’Mores Kit by Preston Grubbs , Erica Hines, Andy Stewart, Caitlin Dupree, Zach Rossman, and Jessica Ruiz


20.  Porkinson by JKR

Porkinson Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2012-09-17_07-27-43  

21.  Adam’s Goods Rubs by Adam Flissinger

Adam’s Goods Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2012-09-17_07-28-25  

22.  Habanero Chicken Rub by Megan Sornson

Student Spotlight Katara - The Dieline - - Google Chrome_2012-09-17_07-29-26  

23.  Just Cook Foods Rubs by Strohl

Just Cook Foods - The Dieline - - Google Chrome_2012-09-17_07-30-19  

24.  El Paso Chile by Louise Fili

El Paso Chile Co. Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2012-09-17_07-31-24  

25.  Hillbilly Beans by Andrew Matveev

Student Work – Andrew Matveev Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2012-09-17_07-32-36  

26.  Mini Garage Winery Chili Oil by KOREFE

Mini Garage Winery Olivenöl Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2012-09-17_07-33-32  

27.  Goat Island Pepper Sauce by Tower of Babel

Goat Island Pepper Sauce Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2012-09-17_07-34-26  

28.  Margarita Mix by Williams-Sonoma

Williams-Sonoma Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2012-09-17_07-35-09  

29.  Mrs. Massey’s Sauces by Ziggurat Brands

Mrs Massey’s Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2012-09-17_07-40-05  

30.  Dymov Ultra Meat Packages by FIRMA

Food Lovely Package Page 44 - Google Chrome_2012-09-17_07-41-44

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