30 Wonderful Photos From Unique Vacation Destinations

July 19, 2012

Graphic design inspiration can be found almost anywhere, but you can inject your brain with a high-octane dose of creativity by wrapping your mind around these wonderful photos from unique vacation destinations.

1.  Poseidon Undersea Resort

Book an underwater stay and find inspiration from the sea floor.

Poseidon Undersea Resort - Google Chrome_2012-07-13_13-18-20


2.  San Francisco by alierturk

This long exposure shot of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge reveals a dazzling display of lights.

San Francisco, Aurora of Golden Gate by alierturk on deviantART - Google Chrome_2012-07-18_06-03-06


3.  Dusk Over Waikiki by Vincent K. Tylor

Most shots of Waikiki show the dazzling beaches … during the day.  This one displays its brilliance at dusk, a blend of nature and man-made beauty.

Hawaiian LandMark Images - Detail - Google Chrome_2012-07-18_06-04-23


4.  Fiji by Kent Photography

Who wouldn’t want to be here?

Beautiful Fiji Kent Yu Photography Blog - Google Chrome_2012-07-18_06-07-19


5.  Tahiti Wipeout by Barcroft Media

Tahiti as few ever experience it, but all the more thrilling for those who try!

Surfers tackle 'most powerful wave ever' in Tahiti See amazing photos of their _2012-07-18_06-09-20


6.  Italy:  Night Ride on the Vaporetto by Robert Arrington

The famous Venice waterbus captured in a long exposure light display.

The Beauty of Italy in 50 Stunning Photos - Google Chrome_2012-07-18_06-11-33


7.  Paris:  View from the South Tower of Notre Dame by alexgbaguio

Old world design looks down on technological innovation.

Photos 33 Charming Snapshots of Paris Travel Deals, Travel Tips, Travel Advic_2012-07-18_06-19-25


8.  Glasgow Science Center by Media Slave

Shimmering curves define this marvel of modern design.

50 Stunning Photographs of Scotland PSD Essential - Photoshop Resource Site - _2012-07-18_13-47-21


9.  Construction of the Empire State Building

For an old black and white, this photo is certainly remarkable!

lewis_hine_phot_nyc_empire_state__2.jpg (410×309) - Google Chrome_2012-07-18_13-52-21

Want to know just how crazy these guys were?  Check out this footage:

Crazy Empire State Building Construction Workers


10.  Las Rozas Bridge, Madrid by 4ullas

I think this close-up shot reveals the beauty in the fine details of form and function.

Visit Spain (Espana) Through Stunning Photographs - Google Chrome_2012-07-18_13-57-11


11.  Iceberg (Alaska) by Miranda Sensorex

Answers the question:  what can you do in the hue of blue?

Iceberg photo - Ron Horloff photos at pbase.com - Google Chrome_2012-07-18_13-59-06


12.  London Financial District from Above from Buzzfeed

Winding streets or rivers of fire?

Stunning Photos Of London From Above - Google Chrome_2012-07-18_14-00-49


13.  North of Thailand by Lovemelife

Capturing motion in a frame is a great way to add drama to any design.

The Paradise that is Thailand in 50 Stunning Photos - Google Chrome_2012-07-18_14-02-44


14.  Lighting Las Vegas by Jason Hawkes

Aliens might think it is an intergalactic airport.

Lighting Las Vegas Stunning night-time pictures show Sin City in all its gaudy _2012-07-18_14-04-36


15.  Feet Adorned by Raghuram Ashok (India)

Mad design skills aren’t limited to the landscape, as this photo attests.

40 Beautiful Photos of India - Google Chrome_2012-07-18_14-15-16


16.  Crossing the Tower Bridge by Stuck in Customs (London)

It’s amazing what adding a little color will do.

All sizes Crossing Tower Bridge in the Rain Flickr - Photo Sharing! - Google_2012-07-18_14-17-54


17.  Ocean Sunset in Miami

Now you understand why everyone wants to play on Miami Beach.

Ocean Drive Sunset - Google Chrome_2012-07-18_14-20-11


18.  Torii Gate by Alfred Molon (Japan)

Elegant Japanese-inspired designs have become a force in Western culture, but it’s still great to see the design style in its homeland.

Japan Miyajima Itsukushima Torii gate Torii gate picture photo - Google Chrome_2012-07-18_14-21-58


19.  Waitomo Caves with Glow Worms (New Zealand) on Mighty Campers

How can you beat the natural design of glow worms, in caves to boot?

40 Stunning Photos of New Zealand - Google Chrome_2012-07-18_14-35-41


20. Natural Bridge (Australia) by Michael Boniwell

The cascading waterfall/sunlight combination sets this scene apart from other water-bound cave entrances.

Australian Landscape Photography Natural Bridge Springbrook National Park _2012-07-18_15-10-21


21.  Switzerland Rock Bridge from 1001Archives

Designing this bridge is one thing, building it is quite another!

1001Archives Stunning Photos from Switzerland - Google Chrome_2012-07-18_15-14-05


22.  Dunelines in Egypt on Incredible Snaps

The undulating sand waves leave elegant lines wrought by wind and inspirational for design.

Amazing Photographs of Egypt Incredible Snaps - Google Chrome_2012-07-18_15-24-45


23.  Morning Glory Pool, Yellowstone National Park, by Daveynin

Design, whether by nature or man, is more intriguing when there is an element of the unknown.

Morning Glory Pool, Yellowstone National Park Flickr - Photo Sharing! - Google_2012-07-18_15-27-47


24.  Chicago Snowstorm 2011 on Kill My Day Now

Sometimes the best way to command attention is to deliver the completely unexpected.

Amazing Pictures Of 2011 Chicago Snow Storm (42 PICS) Funny Photos - Google Ch_2012-07-18_15-50-57


25.  Disneyland, California on Buzzfeed

The Magic Kingdom at its iconic best.

56 Amazing Disney Theme Park Photos - Google Chrome_2012-07-18_15-56-28


26.  St. Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow on Wikipedia

I always thought it looked like a gingerbread house; yet it remains an amazing example of architectural design.

FileMoscow July 2011-4a.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Google Chrome_2012-07-18_16-01-19


27.  Austin at Night by NJDudette

In Texas, everything is bigger – even a simple waterfront city skyline.

Texas Photos - Featured Images of Texas, United States - TripAdvisor - Google Ch_2012-07-18_16-12-10


28.  West Virginia Foliage by Forest Wander

If you’ve never been to West Virginia in the Fall, you’re missing out on wonderful colorful inspiration!

Flickr Discussing Fall Foliage Pictures in Flickrs Best Autumn Leaves and Fall _2012-07-18_16-17-48


29.  Niagara Falls from Niagara Falls Live

Man-made color, nature-made waterfall.  A match made in Heaven!

Niagara Falls at Night - Google Chrome_2012-07-18_16-21-28


30.  Virgin Islands from EgyptSons.com

Crystal clear water dotted by jagged rocks speaks to the power of contrast in design.

BVI2.jpg (1600×1200) - Google Chrome_2012-07-18_16-24-15


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January 07, 2016 03:22 am #

I'd like to use these photos to make a calendar for my business. May I get permission from you or do I need to ask from someone else?

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January 07, 2016 03:22 am #

Ashley, you would need to contact the owners of the images, which we link to above the images.

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January 07, 2016 03:22 am #

If you have trouble locating the owners, please let me know. I strive to give proper credit!

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