7 Outrageous Political Bumper Sticker Designs

September 3, 2012

In the midst of the Republican and Democrat conventions, the media is abuzz with predictions and criticisms of the two major parties.  But when election season rolls around, there is a more entertaining – if not more poignant – party that overtakes America’s roads:  third-party bumper stickers.  Many special-interest groups and private individuals print political bumper stickers to convey their ideas.  They might not  all be accurate or fair, and almost certainly not endorsed by politicians, but many are hilarious no matter how you vote.  Culled from the web, I present seven such outrageous political bumper sticker designs.

1.  Witchy Woman

The opposition seemed to believe this politician had a few tricks up her sleeve (or hat)!

Funny Election Bumper Stickers - 2012 Campaign Bumper Stickers - Google Chrome_2012-08-31_09-39-34


2.  Democrats are sexy?

Completely tasteless, absolutely hilarious!

Funny Election Bumper Stickers - 2012 Campaign Bumper Stickers - Google Chrome_2012-08-31_09-42-25


3.  Sad but true …

I have no qualms about displaying my distaste for misspent taxes.

Don't Steal - The Government Hates Competition! Bumper Stickers from Zazzle.com _2012-08-31_09-44-04


4.  Mark Twain strikes again!

Twain’s biting satire is no less poignant today.

Politicians & Diapers Bumper Sticker from Zazzle.com - Google Chrome_2012-08-31_09-47-13


5.  Take all your deductions

Seems like a reasonable deduction to me, but I’ll have to ask my accountant about it.

Funny Election Bumper Stickers - 2012 Campaign Bumper Stickers - Google Chrome_2012-08-31_09-50-59


6.  Are not!  Are so!

I always love it when political arguments are reduced to childish insults.

Funny Election Bumper Stickers - 2012 Campaign Bumper Stickers - Google Chrome_2012-08-31_10-04-23


7.  Blame the spoons

Watch the nightly news for details on the deadly drive-by spooning!

Pro-Gun Bumper Sticker - If Guns Kills People - Google Chrome_2012-08-31_10-10-59

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