The Art of the Holiday Invitation

November 21, 2010

It's said time and again, and it doesn't become any less true with each reiteration: The holidays are stressful. You have to buy for this person and that person, get the gifts for the exchange, make the holiday gatherings, decorate and clean the house, enforce best behavior with the kids, and – if you're hosting – cleaning, cooking and inviting.

Not all of it has to be stressful. I find disciplining the kids to be quite a stress reliever, in fact. Few things in life are so rewarding as the fear on your 6-year-old's face when the count turns to “three.” The holidays are supposed to be a time of fun, family, friends and cheer, after all. But I digress. Take holiday invitations. They could just be one more stressful task on your to-do list, or they could represent of the most enjoyable moments of holiday preparation. The beauty of holiday invitations is that there are few rules. The art of the holiday invitation is just that – it is art, and by definition it is something that you can define and create. Yet there are invariably a few questions that need answered regarding holiday invitations. I've done my best to put you on the right track in this post. Who to invite? Depends on the type of gathering, but it's fair to say that you will generally invite the same family and friends you've always been inviting. Or maybe you'll invite your brother and your bud Weiser. One important rule is to never leave out anyone who might be offended, but don't invite anyone who will feel as though they have to come even if they do not want to. Sometimes there's a fine line between the two, so when in doubt, invite! How to say it? I really don't subscribe to all the etiquette rules out there, so I think any invitation that gets the point across and includes specifics such as date, time, BYOB and RSVP does the trick. You could be humorous or sentimental, or anything in between. As long as you don't forget the BYOB part. I say have fun with it – not only will your guests find your invitations amusing, you'll have a blast taking a break from all the stress to come up with unique and funny slogans for your invitations. Chances are, the funniest ideas will be discarded for fear of hurting someone's feelings. How to design and print holiday invitations? Again, I think you should have fun with this. Do you have a family photo you can Photoshop into something funny? Perhaps your entire family was present at the last Presidential Inauguration and didn't realize it? Or maybe you could print the first volume in your own “Left Behind” series: Aunt Edna's teeth, Uncle Ralph's used hankie, and the untouched fruit cake could make a funny Lost and Found basket on the front of your invitations. Printing holiday invitations is even easier – simply upload your design to PsPrint, choose your options, and go to press. You can even have them mail your invitations out for you, so you not only get the fun of making your own holiday invitations, you get out of one of the holiday hassles! For more inspiration on holiday invitation design and printing, check out here and here.

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