11 Grotesque Halloween Illustrations

October 3, 2010

Halloween is just a few short weeks away, and now is the time to shore up your party plans, get out your costumes, decorate your house, and – if you're a graphic designer – finalize those horrific designs for postcards, brochures and posters. Whether you create Halloween illustrations for client-marketing purposes, or you just like to craft your own posters and prints to haunt your home on All Hallows’ Eve, you can dig up some creepy inspiration from the following 11 grotesque Halloween illustrations. Enjoy!

1. Merged Dead, by Dino267

This artist skillfully crafted a terrifying beast, horrifying stroke by horrifying stroke, in this grotesque illustration.

2. Skeletal Witch, by Kari Christenson

A cloaked, horned skeleton with a scythe and three dangling heads? Perfect for scaring up some design fun this Halloween!

3. Menacing Werewolf, by Dipsomaniart

Werewolves are scary enough in their own right, but this graphic designer puts a menacing twist on his with an aggressive stance, long sharp teeth and soulless white eyes.

4. Dracula, Split, by AnIvorySoul

Two identical heads of a bloody, grotesque Dracula, split to reveal a bat-like shape that gives this artwork a creepy edge.

5. Stretch Zombie, by Zythanon

Remember Stretch Armstrong? This is the zombie version.

6. Monster in the Tub, by Roadioarts

When your kids swear that there is a monster lurking in the bathtub drain, believe them … or suffer the consequences.

7. Classic Dracula, by 4gottenlore

This is classic image of Count Dracula. I only wish it revealed a fang or two, but it's still cool enough to post on my wall.

8. Vampire VS Werewolf, by Gensoman

It’s the ultimate showdown between two terrible creatures of the night. It doesn't appear that the werewolf has a wooden stake or that the vampire has a silver bullet, so I think we can predict a tie.

9. Sewer Dweller, by Loden

What happens when you flush? It mixes with all the other crap in an underground biological wasteland and produces this.

10. Graveyard Creature, by Drazebot

As a rule, I steer clear of foggy cemeteries by night — especially those inhabited by hooded creatures with glowing red eyes. I suggest you do the same.

11. The Headless Horseman, by Pirate-Cashoo

No list of Halloween illustrations would be complete without the Headless Horseman!

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January 07, 2016 03:21 am #


This email is from Dino267 I am responsible for creating, "1. Merged Dead, by Dino267",
I just wanted to say thank you to the folks over at PsPrint for even showcasing one of my illustrative pieces, I really appreciate it and the fact that I am showcased with a number of really talented and wonderful artist as well.

I do and have used PsPrints for projects and I can say without a doubt that you guy's rock at what you do!

Thank you all once again!


Brian's picture
Brian January 07, 2016 03:21 am #

Hi Dino267 - thanks for your feedback! "Merged Dead" is awesome, as is the rest of your work! I like your character series - "Mister Happy," "Purgatoria," etc.... great stuff and I highly recommend that visiting designers check out your gallery: http://dino267.deviantart.com/gallery/.

Best of luck to you, and thanks for reading!

Anonymous's picture
January 07, 2016 03:21 am #

[...] you want to spice up your Halloween designs this year, it’s time to try some fresh new color schemes. Orange and black have been done to [...]

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