20 Opportunities for Marketing in March

March 6, 2012

As a small business owner, manager or marketer, you should always be on the lookout for opportunities to market your products and services. Here are 20 reasons you can use to peddle your wares in March, along with suggestions for how you can bring customers in. 1. Popcorn Lover's Day – The second Thursday of March is so designated, and it's cheap to give out free popcorn! 2. Girl Scouts Day (March 12) – Offer a discount to anyone who brings a Girl Scout in with them. Give the Girl Scouts a treat for coming out. 3. Plant a Flower Day (March 12) – Perfect for florists, greenhouses, and those who sell flower and plant supplies. Have customers come out for a free flower to take home and plant. 4. National Pi Day (March 14) – Give customers a discount to the tune of Pi, or 3.14 percent. 5. Ides of March (March 15) – Anything Shakespearean should do on the anniversary of Caesar's assassination. 6. Submarine Day (March 17) – Do you operate a restaurant, bar and grill, or sandwich shop? If so, run a special on subs today. 7. St. Patrick's Day (March 17) – Already a popular marketing holiday celebrating the Irish saint. 8. Alien Abduction Day (March 20) – Think of all the wonderfully zany promotions you could run for this “holiday.” 9. Make Up Your Own Holiday Day (March 26) – Make up your own holiday, relevant to your business, and celebrate in any way you'd like, so long as you bring business in! 10. Spring – Celebrate the return of spring with special sales and outdoor activities. 11. Daylight Savings Time – In most U.S. states, we get to spring ahead in March and “save” an hour of daylight every day. Use that hour for an awesome promotion! 12. National Kite Month – Fly a super awesome, oversized kite with your marketing message plain for the whole town to see! 13. National Cheerleading Month – Hire some local cheerleaders to do cheers about your company in a high-traffic area. 14. National Cleaning Week – The last week in March presents plenty of opportunities for anyone who sells home improvement items, cleaning items, hardware items, furniture, or anything else to market to homeowners looking to spruce things up, and then some. 15. March Madness – NCAA Basketball is one of the most popular sporting spectacles of the year, and you can cash in on a basketball-themed promotion. 16. Women's History Month – Cater to women with your marketing promotions and make some history of your own: March profit records! 17. National Nutrition Month – If you're in a health-related field, such as a personal trainer, nutrition store, grocer, restaurant or gym, you can celebrate good nutrition as a means to staying in shape with a special promotion. 18. Companies That Care Day (March 18) – An excellent opportunity to do something charitable as a company, and in the public eye. 19. National Write a Letter of Appreciation Week (first week of March) – Send greeting cards to your customers thanking them for their business. Include a coupon. 20. National Mom and Pop Business Owner's Day (March 29) – If this is you, congrats, and celebrate with whatever marketing campaign you'd like!

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