10 Booklet Marketing Ideas for Small Business

July 4, 2013

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Booklet marketing is a powerful way to promote your products and inform your customers in a way that invites them in to your company and lends a sense of solidarity. The best booklets cater to your customers’ needs, problems and desires first; then work to motivate action. In this manner, you can earn recognition as the industry authority and the trust of your customer base, which leads to long-term relationships and customer loyalty.  If you’ve ever wanted to try a booklet marketing campaign but aren’t sure where to begin, consider the following 10 booklet marketing ideas for small business.

1.  How-to guide

The how-to guide is one of the best booklet marketing strategies available to you, especially if you’re in an industry in which your customers can benefit from your information.  For example, a financial adviser could print a booklet that details how to save for retirement, while a pet store could print a booklet that details how to set up and maintain a salt water aquarium.

2.  Decision-making guide

If your customers are often faced with difficult decisions, you can print a booklet that helps them weigh the pros and cons of each potential outcome and make educated decisions.  Attorneys, funeral homes and colleges could all make use of this type of booklet.

3.  Product information

If you’ve ever spent time in an automotive showroom, you’ve undoubtedly seen booklets that list the details, story and benefits of the most recent car models. You can do the same with your own product booklets.

4.  Case study showcase

If you want to show how you can help your customers, print a booklet full of case studies representing the different ways you’ve already helped past and current customers. Real-world examples are more compelling because potential customers will relate to them.

5.  Learning workbook

Give your customers a booklet course and workbook to help them learn about your industry, products, or services. If the lesson plans are relevant, useful, and engaging, your customers will trust your company once they’ve completed the course.

6.  Programs

Print programs for theaters, high school and college sports, and community events.  If you offer do split the cost or even provide programs for free, you’ll be able to advertise your company exclusively.

7.  Inspiration book

Print a book with inspiration photos and ideas for your customers. Painters, interior decorators, landscapers and home remodelers could promote their businesses with inspiration books.

8.  Tech specs

If you sell products or services that are highly technical in nature and appeal to the tech community, you can print booklets that detail tech specs to create desire and generate response. By speaking your customers’ language, you’ll be viewed as “one of them.”

9.  Kids’ games

This is a perfect idea for companies that sell children’s products and services, as well as travel-related companies: print a booklet of fun kids games for dinnertime, playtime and on the road.

10.  Improvement challenge or schedule

Health and fitness companies can print booklets that guide customers through a self-improvement challenge. Mechanics, plumbers, and landscapers can print booklet with schedules for vehicle, home, and yard maintenance, respectively. What are your favorite booklet marketing ideas?

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