10 Businesses You Can Start with Your Tax Refund

February 25, 2016

Want to start your own business but don’t have a lot of startup capital? No problem! There are plenty of business ideas with low startup costs. Most are service-based, as such businesses do not require the overhead of a physical location or carrying inventory – all you need is a sound marketing plan, some business cards, and a few brochures to get started. Each of the ideas presented below can be started with the average tax refund of $3,120. Without further ado, the following lists 10 businesses you can start with your tax refund.

1. Cleaning business

Homeowners and businesses need regular cleaning services, and all you need are cleaning supplies and a method of transportation (plus a bit of marketing savvy) to get started in this potentially-lucrative industry. Don’t forget niche cleaning options as possibilities, including window cleaning and carpet cleaning.

2. Pressure washing business

A good pressure washer is the only equipment purchase you’ll need to make; look for pressure washing opportunities from homeowners, farms (especially livestock barns), and commercial enterprises.

3. Painting service

From exterior painting to creative interior painting, homeowners and business alike make painters in high-demand. Startup costs are minimal, as most supplies are purchased for specific jobs.

4. Tutoring

If you have experience in education, you can start a tutoring business. Focus on a specific age range, such as elementary students, high school students or college students, to make marketing a breeze.

5. Graphic design studio

Have a knack for graphic design? Invest in a good graphics computer and Adobe Creative Cloud, then print your own marketing materials to help get the word out about your graphic design business. You can partner with web developers and marketers to expand your service offering.

6. Pet setting or training

From vacation kennels and doggie daycares to dog training and even add-on retail sales, the pet services industry represents an enormous opportunity for budget-minded entrepreneurs.

7. Personal care services

Supervision, cooking, cleaning, and shopping services are needed for children, the elderly, and disabled adults. You can start out as a single business owner and grow into an agency in this lucrative field.

8. Wedding planning services

Take the stress away from soon-to-be-newlyweds and help them plan their perfect day. Startup costs are minimal – all you need are your marketing materials!

9. Interior decorator

Help clients creative beautiful living spaces that express their personalities with your own interior décor business. Do some creative work in your own home (or in the homes of friends and family members), then pack a brochure or booklet with photos that help sell your services.

10. Consulting

Do you have years of experience in your industry? You can provide consulting services that yield excellent income. You can provide consulting services in virtually any field, including security, business development, marketing, home organization and more.


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