10 Magnificent Magnet Marketing Ideas

October 17, 2016

How do you market in an unobtrusive way that gives your customers value and puts your brand front and center multiple times a day? Magnets! Magnet marketing is a cost-effective and powerful strategy you can employ to boost business. Print magnets that sell your products and service with the following ten magnificent magnet marketing ideas.

 magnet marketing

1. Calendar magnets

Print calendar magnets your audience can place on their refrigerators for handy date references. Instead of simply printing a calendar of dates, consider printing larger magnets with blank dates and including a dry erase marker so customers can jot down important dates.

2. Event magnets

What events do your customers care about? List them on magnets! Local festival schedules, sports team schedules, race schedules, concert dates, and other events are all good candidates for magnet marketing.

3. Important numbers

If you serve a local audience, create magnets featuring important local numbers: police, fire, hospitals, poison control, and schools are all good numbers to start with. Be sure to add your number!

4. Kitchen resource

Print magnets that serve as handy kitchen resources. Measurement conversions, alternative ingredient lists, healthy eating tips, and easy recipes are all good ideas.

5. Service call magnets

If you operate a service-based company, you can give your customers magnets featuring your direct service call line. This is a good idea for plumbing and HVAC companies that offer 24/7 emergency services or installs important household utility equipment.

6. Takeout/delivery menus

Restaurants, pizzerias, and other eateries that offer takeout or delivery can print menu magnets, which are perfect for reaching customers at home (refrigerators) and work (filing cabinets).

7. Exclusive offers

Plan out a year’s worth of excusive offers and print them on refrigerator magnets. This is a good idea for companies that can cater to seasonal needs. Home improvement stores, for example, could offer deals on snow shovels during winter and rakes during fall.

8. Partner with others

If you don’t want to should the investment on your own, or if you want to expand your reach without investing more, you can partner with non-competing companies to feature all of your brands on a single magnet.

9. Car door magnets

The refrigerator isn’t the only place you can market with magnets. Print car door magnets to promote your business on the go! Increase your reach by recruiting employees, friends, and family members to place your magnets on their vehicles, too.

10. Unconventional placement

Finally, think outside the box to identify unconventional places your target audience can find your magnets. This is a great strategy for grabbing customer attention. Ideas include restroom stall doors, posts in public areas, and any uniquely-positioned surface magnets will stick to.

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