10 Profitable New Year's Day Marketing Ideas

December 18, 2013

Direct-mail marketing materials for New Year's Day like this one can be personalized in our gallery and easily ordered and mailed. Direct-mail marketing materials for New Year's Day like this one can be personalized in our gallery and easily ordered and mailed.

When New Year’s Day rolls around, the bulk of the holiday season is past – and with it, the largest marketing season of the year. Many companies spend the first portion of the New Year engaged in planning sessions, but this is no time to idly sit back; rather, the New Year represents a perfect opportunity to hit the ground running with powerful marketing campaigns that give you a leg up on your competitors and help you start the next business cycle right. If you want to start the New Year with a boost in sales, consider implementing the following 10 profitable New Year's Day marketing ideas.

1.  Help with resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are easy to make – and easier to break. If your company is in the weight loss or fitness industry, it’s easy to figure out creative ways to help customers keep their resolutions. If you’re in a different industry, a bit of brainstorming will still yield great resolution-based ideas. You can try something like,  “I resolve to not waste money on inferior products.”

2.  Introduce new products

The New Year is a great time to introduce new products and services to the market. Adopt an “out with the old, in with the new” theme to help demonstrate why your new offering is different and better for your customers.

3.  Places posters and banners in shopping centers

Gift cards are among the most popular Christmas gifts; moreover, many people make returns after the holidays. Print posters and banners to promote your products and services where people shop, and show them how they can use their gift cards or money made from returns to get something they really want from you.

4.  Direct-mail postcards

After the holidays, people are tired of constantly having to be at this place or that. Hit them at home with a strategic direct-mail postcard campaign.

5.  Accept others’ returns

Encourage customers to bring your competitors’ returns to you. Offer an incentive such as an equal value gift card or discount, and donate returns to charity. You’ll be able to write off the value as a charitable contribution, and you’ll entice customers to buy from you instead.

6.  Launch a fresh brand image

The New Year is a great time for a brand makeover, complete with a new logo, letterhead and business cards.

7.  Start a New Year’s challenge

Challenge customers to eat fit, lose weight, give up bad habits or complete some other kind of task over the course of a few months. Track their progress and offer discount rewards. Enjoy great PR for your efforts.

8.  Try digital marketing

After the holidays, there’s a drop off in digital marketing – which means you can get better prices for promoting your own products and services.

9.  Promote the “new you”

Consider how your products and services can make your customers’ lives better: remodels, makeovers, increased efficiency, etc., and promote the idea that you can help them realize the “new you” they’ve always wanted.

10.  Keep up the charity

The holidays are ripe with opportunities for charity. Show your customers that you don’t just care seasonally by operating a door-to-door can or clothing drive. Leave door hangers that promote your efforts and brand.


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