10 Quick Postcard Marketing Tips

July 6, 2014

Postcard marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote your brand, products, services, website, events and even your social media profiles. Printing postcards is cheap compared to many marketing methods, and postcard distribution is highly targeted so your postage investment is well-spent. Postcards can also help you measure response. Simply printing postcards isn’t going to bring you the sales you’re after, however; first, you have to develop a strategic approach to postcard marketing that’s geared toward achieving success. To that end, here are 10 quick postcard marketing tips that will help you develop and launch winning direct-mail postcard marketing campaigns.

1.  Set goals

It’s important to set goals for your individual postcard campaigns. Knowing what you want your postcards to achieve will help you make decisions designed to influence customer behavior accordingly.

2.  Identify your customers

Which customer segment are you sending postcards to, and why? Determine who your best customers are and develop a profile based on demographic data. This will help you develop an offer and mailing list suited to specific interests and demographics.

3.  Develop your offer

Your postcards should promote a special time-limited offer to motivate customers to respond right away. Your offer could be a discount, freebie, VIP access, limited-time trial, or anything else brings benefits and adds value to your customers’ lives.

4.  Create a targeted mailing list

Use your best-customer or customer segment demographics to develop a targeted mailing list comprised only those people who match your pre-defined demographics. This ensures your postcards are delivered only to people who are likely customers and vastly reduces marketing investment waste.

5.  Command attention with design

Your postcard design should be striking enough to be command attention at a glance so your piece is what customers notice when they empty their mailboxes.

6.  Create desire with compelling copy

Draft compelling copy that creates desire by listing your benefits to the customer and highlights your time-limited call to action. Big, bold headlines can also command attention for your postcards.

7.  Specific call to action

Include a call to action that tells customers in no uncertain terms what they must do next, and by when, in order to take advantage of your special offer.

8.  Measure response

Include a tracking mechanism, such as a coupon or coupon code, to measure response to determine how effective your postcard campaigns are. You can use this data to tweak future postcard marketing campaigns for greater success.

9.  Follow-up

Repetition is critical to long-term direct-mail marketing success, so plan to send postcards and other marketing materials regularly. Your response rates will increase accordingly.

10.  Seek discount postcard printing

One of the best ways to instantly increase your postcard return on investment is to find discounts on premium postcard printing. PsPrint, for example, routinely offers postcard printing discounts as high as 60 percent off. Though no one can guarantee any particular campaign will be enormously successful, if you follow the postcard marketing tips presented here you’ll give yourself the best possible chance to achieve your postcard marketing goals. What are your favorite postcard marketing tips?

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