10 Sticker Marketing Ideas

July 9, 2013

My Sticker Bomb by orenghosak

Stickers are often overlooked as viable marketing tools, but a strategic sticker printing and distribution campaign can yield excellent returns for your business. Reddit even built its empire on $500 worth of stickers, which demonstrates the value and power of sticker marketing. If you’d like to try sticker marketing but aren’t sure where to start, consider launching a campaign premised on one of the following 10 sticker marketing ideas.

1.  Lead customers to sales

If you’re in the retail industry, you can print interesting stickers that lead customers to your door – or even special displays. Arrows, footprints, and creative directional sign stickers will incite interest and bring customers to you.

2.  Supersized stickers

If you’re going to invest in a sticker marketing campaign, it could pay to supersize it.  Instead of settling for small stickers that must be viewed up-close, consider printing large-format stickers that can be affixed to doors, walls, and windows – and viewed from across the street.

3.  Interact with the environment

Clever and funny stickers that interact with their surroundings represent some of the best campaigns.  The coffee company that placed stickers of cups of mocha on steaming manhole covers, for example, or the window washing company that placed a sticker of a person walking into an “ultra clean” window, can serve as inspiration for your own sticker marketing campaign.

4.  Bumper stickers

Print cool bumper stickers your target customer base will be proud to affix to their vehicles, and you’ll get free advertising to go.

5.  Sales package motivators

Direct-mail marketers know that response rates increase when they ask recipients to place stickers for bonuses on order forms. You can do the same in your direct-mail marketing packages.

6.  Branded giveaways

Give stickers with every retail order and at every client meeting. Go to the street and hand out stickers to passers-by, festival goers and concert lovers. Promote your brand with cool stickers your customers will want to use.

7.  Blanket branding

How many times have you seen promotional stickers on gas bumps and in public places? A mass sticker campaign can help you promote brand awareness practically overnight.

8.  Die-cut fits

Print die-cut stickers meant to fit certain applications, such as the backs of devices, motorcycle helmets, bicycles, and other items relevant to your customers and your business in order to maximize brand awareness and establish a level of solidarity.

9.  Make them useful

Add value to your stickers with handy conversion charts and reference information your customers will appreciate and use.  An emergency number sticker to place on phones, for example, or a color conversion chart for graphic designers, are good examples.  When you can add value, you customers will use your stickers – and see your branded message every time they do.

10.  Sticker bomb!

I don’t recommend doing this without warning, as it might constitute vandalism; however, you can stage a sticker bomb on your own vehicle or bicycle, then shoot a photo to send to local media and post on your blog.  A well-planned sticker bomb could earn invaluable PR for your company.

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