10 Valentine's Day Marketing Tips You'll Love

February 12, 2016

Want to get some love for your business this Valentine’s Day? Try the following ten Valentine’s Day marketing tips!

1. You don’t have to sell candy and gifts

While it’s true Valentine’s Day is a great holiday for candy and gift retailers, you don’t have to sell traditional Valentine’s Day items to effectively market your products in services. Even B2B service companies can take advantage of Valentine’s Day. All you have to do is figure out a way to tie in to the holiday and show your customers some love to develop a successful Valentine’s Day marketing campaign.

2. Print custom Valentine’s Day greeting cards

Valentine’s Day greeting cards are excellent marketing tools, as greeting cards enjoy great open and read rates. Avoid generic store-bought greeting cards and create your own custom design using the PsPrint design tool. Simply choose a Valentine’s Day template, select a color scheme, and use the free tool to customize your text and images. You can even add your own logo! The design tool is a great way to print custom Valentine’s Day greeting cards without incurring the expense of a professional designer.

3. Send postcard coupons

Having a Valentine’s Day sale? Postcard coupons can be a great way to get the word out, especially for local businesses that take advantage of Every Door Direct Mail postcards. A mechanic could send postcards with a coupon for a discounted oil change – with an expiration date, of course. Or, a gift retailer could send a time-limited coupon for a special Valentine’s Day weekend promotion. No matter what industry you’re in, sending postcard coupons to a well-targeted audience can help increase February sales.

4. Create a how-to guide

Valentine’s Day offers plenty of opportunities to earn trust, credibility, and business by printing and mailing how-to guides. A jeweler might create a guide on how to buy the perfect engagement ring. A cruise line might create a guide on how to plan the perfect romantic getaway. An attorney might create a guide on how to protect loved ones in case of an unfortunate event. How-to guides, typically printed as booklets, can be important and informative reference materials that ultimately drive customers to your business.

5. Engagement tie-ins

Valentine’s Day is a popular holiday for wedding engagements, and many businesses can find ways to market to recently-engaged couples. Apart from the obvious wedding-related services (catering, photography, wedding planning, venues, honeymoon destinations, etc.), just about any business can find a relevant tie-in. Newlyweds also need airline tickets and rental cars, for example; they might also need attorneys for prenuptials or wills. Real estate agents, remodelers, and even pet stores can benefit from marketing to engaged couples. You might even partner with other businesses to create a relevant guide or send a postcard promoting all of your products and services, thereby reducing each company’s investment or increasing your reach.

6. Anti-Valentine’s Day marketing

Don’t forget about singles on Valentine’s Day, who have prompted a growing “anti-Valentine’s Day” movement. Think about ways you can reach the single market with events, products, and services they might be interested in. Perhaps singles would enjoy a spa day of pampering, a free drink at a singles club, or a rent-2-get-1-free movie rental deal.

7. Wine bottle labels

If you like to send gifts to your best clients, you can consider sending wine bearing your custom label. One easy way to do this is to purchase a few bottles of wine, soak them in soapy water to remove the original labeling, then apply your custom wine bottle labels after they dry.

8. Blanket your town with event promos

Hosting a special Valentine’s Day dance, concert, or other event? Print posters, flyers, and banners, then strategically distribute them in high-traffic areas to get the word out. Posters and flyers are great for retail stores, community bulletin boards, and other public areas. Club card flyers can be handed out to passers-by or inserted in local publications. Banners can be printed and placed near busy intersections. All are cost-effective ways to get the word out for your Valentine’s Day event.

9. Print on the outside of your envelopes

Some companies send direct-mail sales letters to potential customers as part of their Valentine’s Day marketing efforts. If you’re one of them, consider printing on the outside of your envelope to intrigue interest and increase your open rates. You can make your envelopes colorful to help them stand out, print an image that commands attention, ask a question, or make a powerful benefit statement compels customers to open your envelopes to learn more.

10. Print special Valentine’s Day menus

If you operate a restaurant, bar, or night club, you might offer a special Valentine’s Day menu with profitable entrees and unique mixed drinks. Make the evening extra special and help steer customers toward your most profitable items – the ones you have on special – by printing a custom Valentine’s Day menu.


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