10 Vinyl Banner Marketing Tips

March 4, 2013

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Vinyl banners are among my favorite budget-friendly marketing strategies.  Vinyl banners are cheap to print and have the potential to reach thousands of potential customers.  Few marketing tools can match the “cost per impression” of a strategically placed vinyl banner.  If you want to kick start your business, incorporate the following 10 vinyl banner marketing tips into your marketing plan.

1.  Create a simple, attention-getting design

The large scale of vinyl banners makes it tempting to fit tons of information into the extended space, but doing so is a mistake.  Vinyl banners are viewed from a distance, and so all of your text, images, and design elements should be extra large so they can be seen and understood.  Vinyl banners are also often viewed quickly (from passing vehicles, for example), so your entire message should be able to be digested at a glance. I recommend a clean, simple, and professional design that incorporates contrast and images for attention and minimal aesthetics so as not to distract from your message.

2.  Reveal your benefit

Succinctly convey your key benefit in your banner headline.  Do you have the best price?  The best service?  The best quality product?  Whatever it is, make it known and specific to your audience front and center.

3.  Include an offer

Make a time-limited offer to motivate customers to respond quickly.  Your offer might even be included in your headline to simplify your banner.

4.  Create a memorable call to action

Make it clear what customers should do next in order to take advantage of your special offer.  Your call to action should be succinct and memorable, such as an easy-to-remember URL or phone number.  Remember that potential customers will only have a few seconds to digest your banner, so they must be able to retain the action step at a glance.

5.  Brand your banner

Include your logo on your banner to help brand your company.  Over time, consistent branding will pay off in terms of brand recognition and respect.

6.  High-traffic placement

Place banners in high-traffic areas, such as busy intersections, events and busy shopping districts.  High-traffic placement will get the most views; even though it’s not targeted, a large number of your target audience will most certainly see your banners.

7.  Targeted placement

Place vinyl banners in areas your target customers are known to frequent.  This strategy works hand-in-hand with high-traffic placement, but instead of marketing for volume you’re targeted your customer base.

8.  Competitive placement

Place banners near your competitors’ businesses – right next door or across the street, if possible.  The idea is to expose your competitors’ customers to your message, so that they consider doing business with you instead.

9.  Opt for quality printing

Quality printing is critical, especially when it comes to outdoor banners.  For outdoor banner marketing, choose a 9 oz. vinyl mesh material, which allows winds to pass through without tearing.  High-quality vinyl banners made from a thick 13 oz. matte vinyl is perfect for indoor applications, and can be reused time and again (so you can launch seasonal campaigns without having to reprint every year).  In addition, you want to make sure your vinyl banner is printed with fade-resistant inks to avoid sun bleaching.

10.  Look for vinyl banner printing deals

Maximize your return on investment with cheap, high-quality vinyl banner printing.  Look for deals to get the best possible price.  You can print five outdoor banners for under $1,000, and potentially save up to $200 if you get a 20 percent off deal. Bonus Tip:  Include a mechanism to track your vinyl banner marketing campaign.  I recommend a campaign-specific URL so you can analyze your traffic and conversions to determine how many people respond, and how many of those people actually become customers.  You can even have a different URL for each banner, so that you know which banner placement yielded the best results.  Analyze your results so you can achieve better return on investment and predictable results for future vinyl banner marketing campaigns.

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