101 Real Estate Newsletter Topic Ideas: The Ultimate List

June 29, 2017

Does your real estate agency send regular newsletters? If not, you’re missing a golden opportunity to engage with your audience and maintain presence with your target client base. Consider the following:

  • Good email newsletters might yield a half-percent response rate, while a good print newsletter might boast a 3 to 5 percent response rate
  • Print newsletters are tangible; they’re practically impossible to ignore and their portability makes it easy for recipients to read them anywhere
  • Print newsletters exude professionalism, an important trait every real estate agent and agency should aspire for and one that holds influence over potential clients

 newsletter response rates

And, while email newsletters should focus on a few topics, a print newsletter can read more like a magazine with multiple topics that are relevant to various types of audiences, including:

  • First-time homebuyers
  • Home sellers
  • Real estate investors
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Home builders
  • Banks and lenders
  • Luxury homebuyers
  • Existing clients
  • Neighborhoods where you’ve bought or sold homes (or would like to)
  • Businesses and commercial real estate
  • Apartments, condos, and rental units
  • Homeowner associations

 newsletter audience

With so many opportunities, it can be easy to become overwhelmed when you try to decide what to write about in your newsletters. Generally-speaking, your newsletter topics should be:

  • Targeted to your primary audience (yet include smaller articles to help you reach secondary audiences)
  • Helpful and value-added (to establish your authority and capabilities)
  • Informative and unbiased (to earn trust and credibility)

 real estate newsletter topic ideas

Find inspiration in the following list of 101 newsletter topics you can use to craft compelling print newsletters that help you stand out from competitors and boost your response rate:

  1. Mortgage options for first-time homebuyers
  2. Case studies on how you’ve helped clients get their dream homes or land investment properties
  3. Customer spotlights that showcase your happy clients
  4. Local real estate market statistics
  5. Local real estate opportunities
  6. How to improve property value (interior and exterior)
  7. Local community statistics (schools, income, unemployment, crime, etc.)
  8. How to decide whether to buy or rent
  9. The benefits of ownership
  10. The benefits of renting
  11. Lease options
  12. Land contracts
  13. How to save for a home loan
  14. How to qualify for a commercial property purchase
  15. Refinancing tips and tricks
  16. How to choose an insurance company
  17. How to choose a renovation contractor
  18. What type(s) of insurance you need (residential, commercial, investment, etc.)
  19. Checklists for homeowners
  20. Checklists for real estate investors (landlords)
  21. How to create a tenant contract (or hire an attorney)
  22. How to find your dream home
  23. Home building advice
  24. Software for tracking real estate investments
  25. Helpful real estate apps
  26. How to find commercial properties
  27. How to find investment properties
  28. How to flip homes
  29. How to find a moving company
  30. Moving checklist
  31. Moving tips and tricks/advice
  32. Hot homebuilding/remodeling trends
  33. Legislation that affects homeownership, commercial properties, and/or real estate investing
  34. How to save energy for cheaper utility bills
  35. DIY home repair guides
  36. Home safety advice
  37. Local codes for apartments or commercial properties
  38. How to prepare home and yard for winter/summer, etc.
  39. Should you add on to your home?
  40. Should you rent out space over your garage?
  41. How to make homes kid proof
  42. How to make homes pet proof
  43. Buying guides for furnishings, drapery, carpeting, roofing, etc.
  44. Home technology upgrades (“smart homes”)
  45. How to maintain historic properties
  46. How to get a property listed as historic (plus benefits and drawbacks)
  47. How to make homes, apartments, condos, and commercial properties accessible for seniors and handicapped individuals
  48. How to stage your home for sale
  49. How a real estate agent can help you buy or sell
  50. Recommended vendors (lenders, contractors, lawncare services, etc.)
  51. Interior decorating hints and tips
  52. How to choose the right paint color
  53. Replacement window comparisons
  54. Should you buy solar roofing?
  55. Value properties for sale
  56. Investment properties for sale
  57. Your recently sold listings
  58. Your newest listings
  59. Client testimonials
  60. Why clients should work with you
  61. Interviews with local real estate agents, mortgage brokers and lenders, homebuilders, and more
  62. Tax tips for buying and selling real estate
  63. Tips for investing in real estate
  64. Local housing reports (interest rates, credit scores, loan applications, approval rates, home buying and selling rates, which markets are excelling and which are declining, etc.)
  65. How to buy homes out of foreclosure
  66. How to buy or sell homes via short sale
  67. Average home selling/buying timelines
  68. Should you get a home inspection?
  69. DIY home inspection checklist
  70. All about FHA loans
  71. How to know when it’s time to refinance
  72. Why it’s a buyer’s market/seller’s market
  73. Agency statistics and news (how many properties sold this year, awards, achievements, etc.)
  74. What to do when you can’t get a loan
  75. Vacation home/second home buying tips and tricks
  76. Housing and travel tips for “snowbirds”
  77. Equity loan advice
  78. Reverse mortgages
  79. Consolidation loans
  80. How to find the right neighborhood to move into
  81. Pest control tips, tricks, and vendors
  82. Sustainable housing
  83. Local low-income housing
  84. Recent scams to avoid
  85. Should you sell For Sale By Owner (FSBO)? Pros and cons
  86. What fair housing means
  87. How to start a home owners association
  88. HOA tips and advice
  89. Local hotspots (entertainment, restaurants, parks, zoos, golf, and more)
  90. Should you add a pool to your property?
  91. Building a guest house
  92. Niche real estate issues and advice: commercial, farms, apartments, condos, restaurants and bars, businesses, etc.
  93. Staff spotlights
  94. Opinions
  95. Photo roundup: Hot properties, luxury homes, before-and-after remodeling, etc.
  96. Senior housing and retirement communities
  97. Replacement window options, pros, and cons
  98. Best local neighborhoods for luxury living
  99. Best local neighborhoods for families
  100. Family-friendly home features to look for
  101. How to negotiate a real estate sale (buying or selling)

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