25 Labor Day Marketing Ideas

August 16, 2016

Looking for Labor Day marketing ideas? Though many people spend the day recreating and relaxing, Labor Day presents excellent opportunities to boost sales for your business. The following lists 25 Labor Day marketing ideas you can use to grow your business.

1. Think customers first

Begin by thinking about what your customers want to buy right now. How will they enjoy Labor Day? What experience are they seeking, and how can you provide it? What problems do they have, and how can you solve them? Seasonally, what are they looking to buy right now – and how can you sweeten the deal?

2. Postcard-to-website coupon code

Send a direct-mail postcard to your targeted mailing list. Feature a time-limited coupon code good on your website to drive more online sales over Labor Day weekend.


3. Fridge magnets featuring team schedules

School is back in session, so print refrigerator magnets featuring the local high school sports team schedules. Add your branding and special promos. Your magnet will be referenced by local supporters each week and earn plenty of exposure for your business.

4. Fall catalog

Labor Day weekend is a great time to deliver your fall catalogs. Encourage customers to pass them around during their Labor Day parties.

5. Labor Day photo contest

Ask your social media fans to take photos of their Labor Day recreation, then have your fans vote for the best one. Reward the winner. You might ask them to take photos featuring your products or enjoying an activity that’s relevant to your products and services. This is a great way to engage your audience with a fun promotion that could yield tons of social shares.

6. How-to booklets

Print how-to booklets packed with valuable, helpful information your customers need and motivates them to buy your products. A grocery store, for example, might print booklets on how to throw the perfect Labor Day party, complete with party tray and decoration suggestions they offer in-store.



7. Sidewalk sales

Do customers flock to a busy shopping district over Labor Day weekend? Make sure they can’t miss your products by taking your store outdoors!

8. Sponsor (or host) an event

Lots of organizations host Labor Day picnics as fundraisers; you can consider sponsoring such events. Be on-hand with large banners and handouts like stickers, business cards, and flyers. No event in your target area? Host your own!

9. Product demonstrations

Seek opportunities to demonstrate your products in front of a live audience. Labor Day festivals, grocery stores, malls, shopping districts, and anywhere that gets a lot of foot traffic qualify. Make sure you have takeaways such as brochures on-hand!

10. Free upgrade promotion

Offer free upgrades over Labor Day weekend to encourage customers to buy now. Market your promotion with posters, flyers, and direct-mail postcards.

11. Summer clearance sale

Have a ton of merchandise leftover from the summer? Hold a summer clearance sale; or, print a special summer clearance catalog to send to customers.

12. Simply stay open

Lots of businesses close on Labor Day. You can boost sales simply by keeping your doors open, especially if you operate a retail store or restaurant. Of course, you deserve a day off, too – just take it next week!

13. Partner with others

Identify non-competing businesses that share your target audience to create a special promotion that benefits everyone. For example, a grocery store and outdoor living store could partner to offer a complete Labor Day party package. Customers get a discount price, and both companies make a sale.

14. Neighborhood door hangers

Want to target specific local neighborhoods with your Labor Day marketing? Door hangers are cost-effective marketing tools that are practically impossible to ignore!

door hangers

15. EDDM postcards

Another great way to target your local area is to print EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) postcards. This is one of the cheapest direct-mail marketing options available, and lets you blanket your local area to promote your Labor Day sales. Perfect for local retailers, groceries, restaurants, and service companies!

16. Wall graphics

Place an extra-large wall graphic in a busy shopping area, mall, or prominent location with lots of traffic to promote your brand and Labor Day sales.

17. Vinyl banners

Print vinyl banners featuring your Labor Day sales in targeted locations throughout your local market: busy intersections and roadways, shopping districts, near competitors’ stores, outside your storefront, and anywhere your target audience is known to visit.

18. Posters

Posters are excellent Labor Day marketing tools because they can blanket local areas: community bulletin boards, grocery store and restaurant lobbies, and any door, window, or wall you can find. Print short run posters to minimize your investment.

19. Club card flyers

If you operate a night club, bar, or grill, you can send a couple of employees out to hand club card flyers to passers-by in your entertainment district. Promote your Labor Day weekend events, and include a time-limited coupon plus a map to your location to generate more foot traffic.

20. Send it in a newsletter

If you send newsletters to your customers, don’t miss the chance to make your Labor Day specials front-and-center in your next newsletter issue. Include a special VIP incentive only good for newsletter subscribers.

21. Print bookmarks

If your business caters to school-age students, Labor Day is a good time to print and distribute bookmarks to local schools. Make one side (or the top part) of your bookmarks a compelling, interesting design students will love; then include your branding or special offer on the back or lower portion.



22. Launch a loyalty/rewards card program

If your eatery or retail shop gets a lot of Labor Day weekend shoppers, this is a great time to launch a new loyalty/rewards card program. Print rewards cards you can stamp every time customers make a purchase. If they make a certain number of purchases by the end of the year, they get a special reward.

23. Car door magnets

People love to get out and about over Labor Day weekend, which makes it a great time to place car door magnets on your vehicles and take to the road to get more exposure for your brand and Labor Day sales. See if you can recruit family, friends, and employees to help!

24. Table tents

Perfect for restaurants – or any business that partners with a restaurant, table tents can boost last-minute, impulse sales that benefit your bottom line. Dessert, anyone?

25. Greeting cards

Print custom greeting cards and send them to your best customers over Labor Day weekend. Let them know you appreciate how hard they work and add a personal touch so they know you care about them, not just their business. This is a great way to foster B2B relationships.

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