25 Reasons to Market in May

May 11, 2016

You should always be on the lookout for new opportunities to promote your business, and some months lend themselves well to marketing initiatives designed to attract new customers and bring past customer back for more. May is one of those months in which marketing just seems to come easier than others. The following lists 25 reasons to market in May, plus offers suggested marketing tools to help you grow your business.

1. Spring weather

Warmer weather brings people outdoors, which makes outdoor marketing tools such as banners, flyers, posters, and window clings more effective than ever.

2. Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a profitable holiday for gift retailers. Spring catalog, anyone?

3. Cookouts

May is National Barbecue Month, and for good reason: it’s the month when the weather thaws enough for family cookouts. From grills and fresh food to outdoor games and accessories, May is an excellent marketing opportunity.

4. Bicycles

May is also Bike Month, and again the nice weather brings bicyclists out to enjoy their surroundings. What type of gear, snacks, and beverages can you sell to bicyclists?

5. Photography

In spring all is green, and a great time for amateur photographers to take to the great outdoors. Invite customers to post their best pics on your social media pages to help market your business.

6. Motorcycles

Motorcycles are back on the roads in May, making this month a prime time to market for any company that can cater to motorcyclists.

7. Camping

Families and couples like to go camping when the weather warms, and many businesses sell camping equipment, outdoor apparel, outdoor games, and other things campers need to make their adventures more exciting and more comfortable. Catalogs, postcards, and door hangers are all great ways to market to the camping crowd.

8. Outdoor living

People don’t have to go camping to enjoy the great outdoors – many settle for their backyard patios. Furniture, decorations, and accessories should all enjoy excellent sales in May, provided you get the word out with postcards, catalogs, and banners.

9. Pool season

The end of May is the start of pool season in many northern communities, which means they need everything from pool equipment and cleaners to swimsuits and toys.

10. Summer clothing

Who doesn’t like a new wardrobe? Help your customers get ready for summer with special discounts on shorts, tanks, and other warm weather apparel this May.

11. End of school

The school year ends in May for many kids, creating opportunities for day care centers, babysitters, and arts and crafts-related businesses.

12. College kids are coming home

College kids might need the same supervision, but if they’re coming home for the summer they definitely need things like clothes, storage, shelving, and luggage.

13. Remodeling projects

May is a great time to start a home remodeling project, creating opportunities for building supply retailers, furniture stores, interior decorators, painters, carpet layers, and other retailers and service providers.

14. Landscaping projects

Similarly, many homeowners add patios and decks during May; plus, they add or clean flower beds and other landscaping. Whether you sell DIY supplies, rent machinery, or provide landscaping services yourself, May is the month to market your business with banners, yard signs, and postcards.

15. Lawn care

People need lawnmowers, trimmers, clean-up crews, and even picking up after their pets. May is the month to line up customers who will stick with your service all summer long.

16. Spring cleaning

Out with the old this May, and in with your new cleaning supplies and services, shelving, organization products, and more. Help people keep clean homes this spring with your own direct-mail catalog or postcard.

17. Fitness

May is a great month to start 5K training or simply begin a workout program to look great in summer outfits and swimsuits. Market to the fitness crowd via direct-mail, social media, and paid advertising.

18. Golf season

Perhaps the most popular spring and summer sport, get to golfers early by sending direct-mail postcards and catalogs this May. Outfit them for the entire year now so they’ll come back when they need more later.

19. Gardening

How do your customers’ gardens grow? With help from you, of course! Place posters or banners indoors in gardening centers to promote your products. Outdoor banners can help you attract customers from afar. Direct-mail postcards and catalogs can help your customers stock up on gardening supplies when they need them most.

20. Boating season

From boat cleaning and maintenance products to repair services to lifejackets, boaters need special catalogs that aren’t found just anywhere. Use a targeted mailing list and a direct-mail catalog to make a splash this May.

21. Home comfort

Fluctuating spring temperatures and a trend toward hotter summer months can tax home heating and cooling appliances. Heating, cooling, and HVAC services as well as home energy efficiency experts can find opportunities in preventive maintenance and repair during the month of May.

22. Pets

People aren’t the only ones who like to head outdoors in May – they love to bring their pets with them, too! When they do, they’ll need portable food and water containers, leashes and collars, grooming services, anti-flea medications, and pooper scooper systems.

23. Summer vacation

May is prime time for planning summer vacations, which makes direct-mail brochures and booklets excellent marketing tools for tourist destinations.

24. Summer jobs

Many people make extra money by taking on seasonal, summer jobs: window cleaning, lawn mowing, etc. Outfit your customers with the equipment, tools, and cool clothing they need to get the job done quick and comfortably.

25. Memorial Day

The last major holiday in May is also a time for many people to make a great impression on their families and friends. Outdoor living projects and décor dominate this holiday, and so do cookouts and yard activities. Hosting a special Memorial Day event? Posters, flyers, and invitation cards can get people out for the day!

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