3 can’t-miss last-minute holiday marketing ideas

December 5, 2018

Do you have a last-minute holiday marketing strategy? If not, you could be missing out on a sleigh-full of sales. Consider these last-minute holiday marketing statistics:

The takeaway is clear: Many people wait until the last minute to purchase holiday gifts, which presents an excellent opportunity for small businesses to dramatically increase sales. Still, competition is fierce, so you need to be prepared to take full advantage of the last-minute shopping spree. Get started with the following three can’t-miss last-minute holiday marketing ideas.

1. Start your last-minute holiday marketing early

Why wait until everyone’s in a mad rush to target last-minute shoppers? Get a head start on the competition by sowing the seed early with direct-mail marketing.

For example, you can send direct-mail postcards that promote your last-minute specials. You might even hold special sales that don’t begin until the week before Christmas. Include a coupon code to measure response.

You can also send last-minute holiday catalogs to your in-house list or an EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) mailing list in your zip code. If a full-blown catalog isn’t in the budget, consider printing a small booklet or even a brochure that showcases your last-minute holiday deals and other benefits (more on that later).

Finally, you can place banners throughout town letting people know you’ll be open and ready for their business at the last minute. The goal is to make sure people know you cater to last-minute shoppers well before they have the need. That way, you’re the first shop that comes to mind when they hit the panic button.

2. Reach customers when they’re ready to buy

You’ve worked to get the word out about your last-minute holiday sales; now, remind them right when they’re ready to buy.

Is your store located in a mall or other busy shopping area? Print flyers and take to the sidewalks to hand them out to passersby. They’re already out shopping, and many will be happy to take a coupon for a last-minute holiday deal. Chances are, they’ll head to your shop in no time.

Table tents can likewise be powerful last-minute holiday marketing tools. Partner with a restaurant to place your table tents out during the week or two leading up to Christmas. Promote your last-minute specials to attract people who dine out during the holiday season (which is pretty much everyone). This works best if you partner with a restaurant that’s within walking distance of your shop.

Other ideas include printing window clings to turn window shoppers into paying customers as well strategically-placed banners to market your last-minute deals. Once you have customers in your store, seal the deal with hang tags and stickers that draw attention to your most popular — and most profitable — holiday products.

3. Offer ultimate convenience

Last-minute holiday shoppers don’t have the luxury of time, so the more convenient you can make their experience, the more likely you are to win more than your fair share of sales. If you can be a one-stop shop, all the better!

Ideas include offering free gift-wrapping services and even printing custom holiday cards customers can sign on the spot. Free expedited shipping, free returns, gift cards, and helper holiday shoppers are also great ideas for making it easy for customers to buy from you at the last minute.

Don’t forget to promote the convenience of shopping with you on your early-bird marketing materials as well as your in-the-moment marketing tools!

If you want to boost last-minute holiday sales, you need to convince last-minute holiday shoppers that you’re catering to them. Make it super easy to shop with you and identify every way to make the shopping experience more convenient, and your business will enjoy a very happy holiday season. Get started today with print marketing services!

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