3 Secrets to Killer Postcard Headlines

February 11, 2015

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Did you know your headline is the most important part of your direct-mail postcards? In fact, the success of your entire direct-mail marketing campaign largely hinges on the power of your headline. Wait a second – you thought your mailing list and offer were the most important, right? Those are important, too, but think about this: Eight out of 10 people read headlines, yet only two out of 10 read the rest. That means no matter how well-targeted your mailing list or how great your offer, they will be useless if no one reads your postcards. The good news is it’s not hard to craft a compelling headline that motivates customers to read the rest of your postcard, respond, and, ultimately, buy. The following lists three secrets to killer postcard headlines.

1.  Include your greatest benefit

Good marketing creates desire, and the easiest way to create desire is to show customers you have what they want – and what they want is a benefit. Headlines that showcase benefits are more likely to be noticed and draw customers in to the rest of your postcard, including your offer and call to action. Think about the greatest benefit your product or service offers. It might be reducing mortgage or auto loan payments, an awesome vacation or a sweeper that gets all the dirt, for example. Then, include it in your headline.

2.  Include your offer

If you have a compelling offer, and you should, why wait until your postcard body copy or call to action to share it? Let customers know immediately you’re offering the deal of a lifetime. Again, doing so makes it far more likely they’ll read your entire postcard and respond. Headlines that combine benefits and offers pack a one-two punch that’s irresistible to customers. Even better, if your offer is time-limited (and it should be), make that part of your headline as well. So, what does a great headline look like? Something like this: “Take a 7-Day Caribbean Luxury Cruise for Just $399! (limited-time only)”

3.  Make it big and bold

Now that you’ve written a great postcard headline, you need to make sure it gets noticed. Your headline should be big, bold, and highly visible relevant to the rest of your postcard. This doesn’t mean it has to be gaudy; make it match your theme, but ensure that your postcard font, color and size stand out from everything else. When you print postcards that incorporate killer headlines, you will almost undoubtedly yield greater response rate, more sales and more profit. What postcard headline tips do you have to share?

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