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August 12, 2013

If you want to be a better marketer, you need to stay on top of current marketing trends. Moreover, it literally pays to find inspiration in others’ successful marketing ideas. The following 30 marketing blogs are some of the best in the business; and if you read them religiously, you’ll be well on your way to becoming one of the best in your business.

1.  Neuromarketing

This blog by Roger Dooley explores the world of neuromarketing, where brain science meets marketing. Neuromarketing Where Brain Science and Marketing Meet - Google Chrome_2013-07-30_21-53-35-Optimized  

2.  Bryan Eisenberg

Celebrated speaker and bestselling author Eisenberg reveals marketing secrets on this popular marketing blog. Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg - Professional Speakers, Best Selling Authors, Online _2013-07-30_21-56-15-Optimized  

3.  SEO Book

If you employ search engine optimization as a marketing strategy, SEO Book is a great place to learn all the in’s and out’s of SEO. SEO Blog - Google Chrome_2013-07-30_21-57-58-Optimized  

4.  Optimize This

Find and Convert’s experts on inbound marketing, content marketing, SEO and other online marketing strategies write this compelling blog. OptimizeThis Blog Transform Your Digital Marketing Find and Convert - Google_2013-07-30_21-59-17-Optimized  

5.  Awaken Your Superhero

Christopher Spenn mixes marketing, media, and, um, martial arts in this creative blog that lends original marketing insights. Christopher S. Penn Awaken Your Superhero - - Google Chrome_2013-07-30_22-02-17-Optimized  

6.  Sparksheet

One of the best content marketing blogs on the web, this blog also features a creative and aesthetically engaging design. Sparksheet Good ideas about content, media and marketing - Google Chrome_2013-07-30_22-03-44-Optimized  

7.  Inbound

This blog is dedicating to finding customers, engaging them and converting them. The debates are perhaps the coolest and most original posts. Inbound Marketing Blog, SEO & Opinion Inbound - Google Chrome_2013-07-30_22-05-32-Optimized  

8.  Ads of the World

Be inspired by some of the largest marketing agencies on the planet by viewing their latest work on Ads of the World. Ads of the World™ Creative Advertising Archive & Community - Google Chrome_2013-07-30_22-08-00-Optimized  

9.  Amy Porterfield

Want to exploit the full power of social media as a marketing strategy? Porterfield will show you the way. Amy Porterfield — Social Media Strategy Consultant - Google Chrome_2013-07-30_22-09-11-Optimized  

10.  Echogravity

Focuses on marketing strategies, metrics and even a bit of sales tactics. Inbound Marketing Blog echogravity - Google Chrome_2013-07-30_22-10-40-Optimized  

11.  The Marketing Spot

This excellent marketing blog is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve greater success with marketing. The Marketing Spot - Marketing Plans and Education for Entrepreneurs - Google Ch_2013-07-30_22-12-40-Optimized  

12.  B2B Inbound

So many marketing blogs focus exclusively on B2C marketing, but this one is devoted to B2B. B2B Inbound Blog - Google Chrome_2013-07-30_22-13-59-Optimized  

13.  Red Slice

This blog covers all aspects of branding, from developing a winning brand image to positioning your brand properly to customers. Branding Stories, Insights & Consulting Boost Your Biz & Your Brain - Google C_2013-07-30_22-15-10-Optimized  

14.  Engage

With an all-star cast of contributors, Engage is a blog that features compelling marketing ideas no marketer should ignore. TMG’s Content Blog Engage - Google Chrome_2013-07-30_22-16-45-Optimized  

15.  For Entrepreneurs

Devoted exclusively to entrepreneurs, this outstanding marketing blog is written by serial entrepreneur and VC David Skok. For Entrepreneurs - Google Chrome_2013-07-30_22-18-13-Optimized  

16.  Copyblogger

If you want to know how to craft a compelling blog that gets readers and converts customers, Copyblogger is a must-read resource. Content Marketing Tools and Training Copyblogger - Google Chrome_2013-07-30_22-20-03-Optimized  

17.  Shoemoney

Sometimes zany, but always compelling, insights from a popular and successful online entrepreneur. ShoeMoney Internet Marketing Blog – Skills to Pay the Bills - Google Chrome_2013-07-30_22-21-13-Optimized  

18.  Unmarketing

Scott Stratten says to stop marketing and start engaging, and he illustrates the difference in this must-read marketing blog. UnMarketing - Google Chrome_2013-07-30_22-22-34-Optimized  

19.  Web Ink Now

This content marketing blog by David Meerman Scott offers insight from the bestselling author and marketing strategist. Web Ink Now - Google Chrome_2013-07-30_22-23-48-Optimized  

20.  Chris Ducker

Serial entrepreneur Chris Ducker shows entrepreneurs how to capitalize on the “New Business” on this blog. Blog Chris Ducker – Startup and Small ‘New Business’ Strategies for Entreprene_2013-07-30_22-25-24-Optimized  

21.  All Facebook

If you’re into social media marketing, Facebook is still the best option. This blog shows you how to do it right, starting with the Facebook Marketing Bible. AllFacebook - The Unofficial Facebook Blog - Facebook News, Facebook Marketing, _2013-07-30_22-27-03-Optimized  

22.  Retail Email Blog

If you engage in email marketing, you can increase your open rates, click rates and conversion rates by following the advice given in this blog. The Retail Email Blog - Google Chrome_2013-07-30_22-28-22-Optimized  

23.  Blogging with John Chow

Master Clickbank seller and blogging expert John Chow shows you how to build a successful and popular blog, then monetize it. I Make Money Online By Telling People How I Make Money Online – John Chow dot Co_2013-07-30_22-29-40-Optimized  

24.  Convince and Convert

This marketing blog makes nearly every list of great marketing blogs, as it well should: you’ll find insight here you won’t find anywhere else. Convince and Convert Social Media Strategy and Content Marketing Strategy — Soc_2013-07-30_22-31-01-Optimized  

25.  Branding Strategy Insider

Do you want to craft a compelling brand? Or do you want to position your brand to better relate with your target audience? This blog will help you do both. Branding Strategy Insider - Google Chrome_2013-07-30_22-32-26-Optimized  

26.  I Believe In Adv

Pure marketing and advertising inspiration, sometimes a little off the beaten path. I Believe in Advertising ONLY SELECTED ADVERTISING Advertising Blog & Commun_2013-07-30_22-34-11-Optimized  

27.  Matthew Woodward

This leading SEO guru shows you how it’s done, and also delves into affiliate marketing. The takeaways from these lessons can be applied to almost any marketing plan. Award Winning Internet Marketing Blog - Matthew Woodward - Google Chrome_2013-07-30_22-35-40-Optimized  

28.  Chris Brogan

One of the most celebrated bloggers today, Brogan shows you how to grow your business with his marketing insights. chrisbrogan.com — Building the Digital Channel - Beyond Social Media - Google Ch_2013-07-30_22-37-02-Optimized  

29.  Matt Cutts

One of the best-known and most-followed individuals on the web, Cutts is in a unique position to be the authority on the Almighty Google. Matt Cutts Gadgets, Google, and SEO — - Google Chrome_2013-07-30_22-38-12-Optimized  

30.  Duct Tape Marketing

One of my personal favorites, lending insight and marketing advice you won’t find on other blogs. Their ability to brand alone makes this blog worth a look (trust me, you’ll remember the name “Duct Tape Marketing” a week from now). Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing - Small business marketin_2013-07-30_22-39-29-Optimized

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