30 Independence Day Marketing Ideas

June 27, 2013

Independence Day and marketing are heavily intertwined. Ben Franklin’s “Join, or Die” snake was a marketing tool as much as it was a political cartoon. And the Fourth of July is perhaps the greatest American holiday, celebrating our freedom and the sacrifices so many others have made to uphold it. One of those freedoms is that of commerce. By and large, America embraces capitalism. Sure, large corporations have come under fire, but the flavor of capitalism I’m talking about is fueled by small business. In fact, the entire country is fueled by small business. Owning a small business is at the core of the American Dream; it is the freedoms and opportunities for which the Revolutionary War was fought – and won. Small businesses need to market their products and services in order to make the sales that employ half of all private sector Americans. If you want to boost business this Fourth of July, consider the following 30 Independence Day marketing ideas.

  1. Direct-mail postcards:  Get the word out about your Fourth of July sale fast and easy.
  2. Direct-mail catalogs:  Catalogs are perfect for Independence Day, when many people have several days off to browse through them.
  3. Posters:  Market your event locally with posters.
  4. Flyers:  Ditto with flyers.
  5. Vinyl banners:  Vinyl banners reach the masses for minimal investment.
  6. Newsletter: A special Fourth of July newsletter can motivate buyers.
  7. Email newsletter:  The same goes for email.
  8. Festival booth:  Rent vendor space at Independence Day festivals, and hand out flyers, business cards and brochures.
  9. Program advertising: Advertise special offers in festival programs.
  10. Concert: Sponsor or host a concert to raise money for a charity (veterans, perhaps?).
  11. Barbecue:  Cook burgers and hot dogs outside your store front to bring customers to your door.
  12. Door hangers:  Market your business cheap by distributing door hangers.
  13. Break a world record: Organize an attempt to break a world record for outstanding PR.
  14. Contest: Host a fun contest for your customers, such as most patriotic outfit.
  15. Fireworks finder: List locations where Fourth of July fireworks can be viewed on a flyer and post it.
  16. Facebook promotion: Host an Independence Day Facebook contest or special promotion for social media fans.
  17. Hand out flags:  Give away American flags at your location or at festivals. Your efforts will not go unnoticed.
  18. Sidewalk sale:  Hold a sidewalk sale in a major shopping district or within walking distance of a festival.
  19. Partner with others:  Seek companies that share your customers but do not compete with your business to put together a Fourth of July sales package.
  20. Fireworks viewing stations: If you have premium seats for the local fireworks show, give them to your VIP customers.
  21. Get in the parade: Build a fun float and give away promotional items during the parade.
  22. Hand out patriotic promotional products:  Notepads, pens, and even patriotic CDs and DVDs qualify.
  23. Give away water bottles:  It’s hot out there; give away water bottles with your brand name and special offer on them.
  24. Host games:  Host a fun series of games, with special prizes for the winners. Make it an Independence Day tradition!
  25. Offer a big discount:  The big discount could be all you need to boost Fourth of July sales.
  26. Advertise in local newspapers, magazines, television and radio
  27. Honor veterans:  A special discount or offer just for veterans will be noticed, and will earn you loyal customers.
  28. Host a celebrity signing:  Get a celebrity in for the day and watch customers pack the house.
  29. Do a giveaway:  A big giveaway will motivate people to give you their contact information so you can market to them in the future.
  30. Host a representative:  Have a government official speak at your location to draw crowds on Independence Day.

What Fourth of July marketing ideas do you have? Share them in the comments!

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