30 Must-Read Marketing Posts

June 16, 2014

Are you an expert marketer? Not if you haven’t read the following 30 must-read marketing posts. Each presents ideas, strategies, and resources required to maximize your marketing prowess and land more sales. Enjoy!

1.  Everything I Needed To Know About Marketing I Learned Playing Dungeons and Dragons

Ian Lurie takes you deep into “nerdom” with his entertaining slides that demonstrate the correlation between “Dungeons and Dragons” and successful marketing strategies. Trust me, you don’t have to be a D&D fan to love this post – and you’ll learn a thing or two from it, too.

Everything I Needed To Know About Marketing I Learned Playing Dungeons & Dragons_2014-05-19_11-30-59

2.  Online Copywriting That Converts – 5 Lessons From 250 A/B Tests

This enlightening post by Michael Aagaard presents five lessons learned from real-world case studies and information gathered from 250 split tests to help you be a better copywriter, online and off.

Online Copywriting that Converts – 5 Lessons from 250 AB Tests - Google Chrome_2014-05-19_11-34-58

3.  [How To] Use Design Principles To Increase Conversions

Oli Gardner’s outstanding post demonstrates how design contributes to sales and conversions, and how you can take advantage of design to boost your success rates. The post focuses on landing pages, but many of the same principles can be applied to print design applications such as brochures and catalogs.

[How to] Use Design Principles to Increase Conversions Unbounce - Google Chrom_2014-05-19_11-48-12

4.  Michelle Smith and Persuading Your Potential Customers

Bryan Eisenberg’s post demonstrates the value of creating customer personas, and how those different personas lend themselves to different marketing strategies.

Michelle Smith & Persuading Your Potential Customers by @TheGrok - Google Chrome_2014-05-19_12-02-16

5.  4 Tips for Creating an Effective Call To Action

Learn the foundation of a powerful call to action with these tips from Tim Ash.

4 Tips for Creating an Effective Call to Action (Tim Ash) Monetate - Google Ch_2014-05-19_12-02-49

6.  6 Conversion Optimization Case Studies with Surprising Results

This interesting post by Ott Niggulis illustrates why marketers should never, ever make assumptions.

6 Conversion Rate Optimization Case Studies With Surprising Results - Google Chr_2014-05-19_12-07-10

7.  40 Social Media Marketing Benefit-Related Tips

Heidi Cohen shares social media marketing benefit statistics, then offers actionable steps to help you take advantage of those benefits.

40 Social Media Marketing Benefit Related Tips [Research] - Heidi Cohen - Google_2014-05-19_12-11-32

8.  How To Convert Raw Leads Into Best Friends Forever

Jason Thiebault’s piece walks you through the process of earning extreme customer loyalty, beginning with the initial lead.

How to Convert Raw Leads into Best Friends Forever Digital Marketing - Google _2014-05-19_12-16-16

9.  Six Steps For Delivering On The New Vision In Marketing

Is marketing changing forever? Michael Brenner – and many others – believes it is. Learn more about the evolution of marketing and how you can remain relevant in this post.

Six Steps For Delivering On The New Vision In Marketing B2B Marketing Insider _2014-05-19_14-08-46-Optimized

10.  10 Reasons Why Personal Branding is a Requirement for Marketers and Business Leaders

Pam Moore contends personal branding is critical to your success as a marketing, and highlights 10 reasons for personal branding in this post.

10 Reasons Why Personal Branding is a Requirement for Marketers & Business Leade_2014-05-19_12-53-04

11.  Is Your Marketing The PITS?

Danny Brown covers Persuasion, Intent, Traction and Sketchability as it pertains to marketing.

Is Your Marketing the PITS - Google Chrome_2014-05-19_12-56-06

12.  30 Content Marketing Lessons from the New York Times Innovations Report

A report is little more than statistics if not analyzed; Marko Saric brings relevance to the Innovations Report by analyzing lessons learned for content marketing.

30 Content Marketing Lessons From The New York Times Innovation Report - Google _2014-05-19_13-11-45

13.  7 Data Presentation Tips

Does data play a critical role in your marketing? Learn how to visually present data for the biggest response.

7 Data Presentation Tips Think, Focus, Simplify, Calibrate, Visualize - Google _2014-05-19_13-14-30

14.  5 Proven Digital Marketing Techniques Hiding In Your Junk Mail

Alyson Lex draws correlations between and print and digital marketing.

5 Proven Digital Marketing Techniques Hiding In Your Junk Mail Digital Markete_2014-05-19_13-16-07

15.  The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Cheat Sheet

Pamela Vaughan will make you a fantastic Facebook marketer in no time!

The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Cheat Sheet - Google Chrome_2014-05-19_13-17-02

16.  How To Grow Your Business With Webinars

Conversion Rate Experts gives you a complete 68-point workflow for running a successful webinar to market your business.

How to grow your business with webinars Conversion Rate Experts - Google Chrom_2014-05-19_13-23-33

17.  The Shopping Cart Abandonment Epidemic

Jon Correll uncovers the reasons 67 out of 100 customers abandon shopping carts, and what you can do about it to increase your conversions.

The Shopping Cart Abandonment Epidemic What it Means for You - Google Chrome_2014-05-19_13-25-14

18.  What Makes Shoppers Click?

Emma Bostwick reveals an enlightening infographic that lends insight into why customers buy.

What Makes Shoppers Click A Lesson in E-Commerce Consumer Psychology (INFOGRAPH_2014-05-19_13-27-59

19.  The Structure of a Winning Landing Page

Peep Laja covers the critical elements required to develop a high-converting landing page.

The Structure of a Winning Landing Page - GetResponse Blog - Email Marketing Tip_2014-05-19_13-29-48

20.  The Importance of Personalized Ecommerce

Stephen Da Cambra discusses why a personalized experience is important to ecommerce and provides tips for making the online shopping experience more personal.

4 Examples of Ecommerce Personalization The Invesp Blog - Google Chrome_2014-05-19_13-33-09

21.  How Print Magazines Can Contribute To Your Content Marketing Plan

Think all content marketing is done online? Think again. Annette McCrary explains how print magazines can play vital roles in your overall content marketing plan.

How Print Magazines Can Contribute to Your Content Marketing Plan - Google Chrom_2014-05-19_13-44-40

22.  Marketing with LED Lights

Printing Impressions demonstrates why it’s important to get creative with your print marketing, using LED light printing as an example.

Two Examples Of Marketing With LED Lights Structural Graphics' Solution Of The _2014-05-19_13-45-03

23.  7 Ways to Promote Your Business Using Print

Anne Mercer lists seven powerful print marketing tools your business can’t ignore.

7 Ways To Promote Your Business Using Print Titan Web Marketing Solutions - Go_2014-05-19_13-46-29

24.  Print Marketing Can Set  You Above The Rest

Owner’s Alley takes a look at how print marketing can give you a competitive advantage.

Print Marketing Can Set You Above The Rest Business Consultant Tucson Market_2014-05-19_13-47-25

25.  6 Unique Ideas to Integrate Print Marketing and Social Media

Print marketing and social media, together, form incredibly powerful marketing forces. Laura Morrow-Jacobs shows you how to leverage those forces with these six tips.

6 Unique Ideas to Integrate Print Marketing and Social Media The Badger Group _2014-05-19_13-49-16

26.  Marketing With Print Is Greener Thank You Think

Do you believe print marketing has a negative impact on the environment? Think again. As Vladimir Gendelman notes, print marketing is greener than you think.

Marketing Strategy - Marketing With Print Is Greener Than You Think MarketingP_2014-05-19_13-49-33

27.  Tracking ROI for Websites, Blogs and Print Marketing

You know you need to measure return on investment, but sometimes doing so is difficult – or even seemingly impossible. Jill Nastasia shows you how to accurately track return on investment across multiple channels so you know how to measure your success.

gambling-with-marketing.jpg (506×338) - Google Chrome_2014-05-19_13-51-55

28.  B2B Revenue Still Drive by Print Ads

Print is still the primary marketing driver for B2B companies, according to Marketing Charts. Find out what works – and why – in this post.

B2B Media CEOs Optimistic; Revenue Still Driven by Print Ads - Google Chrome_2014-05-19_13-55-11

29.  Bad Advice: Avoid Print. It’s Dead.

Margie Claymen illustrates why taking the “print is dead” approach to your marketing represents taking bad advice, particularly since print is thriving as a marketing tool.

Bad Advice Monday Avoid Print. It’s Dead. - Google Chrome_2014-05-19_13-55-23

30.  What 30 Experts Say About Customer Appreciation

Learn how to enhance the customer experience with advice given by some of the world’s most trusted marketing experts.

What 30 Experts Say About Customer Appreciation - Google Chrome_2014-05-19_14-00-19

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