30 Quick Booklet Marketing Tips

June 29, 2014


Make sure to add value to your booklets, so customers will want to hold on to them.

Do you use booklets to promote your company? If not, you might be missing out on a golden opportunity to establish long-term brand loyalty. Booklets can be used to add value to your customers’ lives and can even become reference pieces kept on-hand for months or years. If you print booklets your customers truly want to read, you can inject references to your products and services in the copy to earn both instant sales and long-term brand admiration. Before you print booklets, be sure to read the following 30 quick booklet marketing tips.

  1. Give customers value: How-to guides are popular booklet topics, for example.
  2. Promote your products and services by telling customers how they can use them to accomplish desired tasks.
  3. Include special pages for product comparisons and promotions.
  4. Add pages to showcase your newsletter, email newsletters, and social media profiles.
  5. Write outstanding content that customers want to read: tips, tricks, industry forecasts and more.
  6. Include plenty of pictures, charts, and graphs to help customers understand tricky information and to keep your booklets visually interesting.
  7. Design an attention-getting cover to draw your customers in.
  8. Research and/or request competitors’ booklets so you can examine the competition; make your booklets better.
  9. Add special discount offers for your customers; track them with coupons or coupon codes.
  10. Distribute booklets via direct mail to current customers and potential customers who are likely to buy.
  11. For the latter, get a mailing list based on your best-customer demographics.
  12. Look for discount booklet printing to save money without sacrificing quality.
  13. Use a thicker cover to protect interior pages; 100 lb. gloss will do the trick.
  14. Opt for Wire-O binding to keep your pages held sturdily together, longer.
  15. Print as many booklets as you can distribute in a single run; you’ll only incur one setup fee and your price-per-piece will reduce the greater your print volume for increased return on investment.
  16. Standard 8.5 inch-by 11-inch booklets are easy to read, but you can stand out by printing booklets in different sizes: 6-inch by 6-inch or 12-inch by 12-inch, for example.
  17. Mail your booklets with bulk postage rates (you can use your printer’s Indicia) to save money.
  18. Invest in professional design; that investment will pay off by making your booklets more attractive and by helping guide customers to the most important information.
  19. The same goes for copy: invest in a professional copywriter for a more professional, trustworthy appearance.
  20. Use free booklet layout templates to make sure your file is print-ready: these templates have no graphic design elements but instead include bleed lines, cut lines and safety areas on a layer that can be later deleted.
  21. Always double-check that your file is print-ready to eliminate potentially-costly errors.
  22. You should also always get a proof; if you can’t get a hard-copy proof, a digital proof should be thoroughly reviewed before you send your booklet printing job to press
  23. Get another pair of eyes (or two) on your proof before you approve it.
  24. Follow your booklet up with a sales letter or postcard (or both) to promote direct-mail sales; repetition is critical to direct-mail marketing success.
  25. Don’t cover too broad a topic; be specific. If you have several topics, print and distribute several booklets to targeted mailing lists.
  26. Find out what information your customers want to know, and include in your booklets. Surveys, response cards, and face-to-face conversation can yield dozens of great ideas.
  27. Make your booklets interactive by including QR codes and even augmented reality features customers can take advantage of with their mobile phones.
  28. Build in incentives to connect with you on social media or subscribe to your newsletter via mobile devices.
  29. Include pages that promote upcoming and/or annual events you’re hosting, sponsoring or attending.
  30. Have fun with your booklets and make your content interesting, engaging, and even entertaining; you want potential customers to read your booklets, after all!

What are your favorite booklet marketing tips?

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