30 Resources for Naming Your Company or Brand

January 20, 2015

What’s in a name? Everything, when it comes to naming your company or brand. Your name speaks volumes about who you are, what you do, and who you do it for. It tells your story succinctly, and imparts your unique selling point. Your brand or company name influences purchasing decisions and can play a major role in your success – or failure. That’s why it’s so important to get your name right the first time. To help you select the perfect company or brand name, check out the following 30 resources for naming your company or brand.

1.  Entrepreneur: “Naming Your Business”

The magazine’s online portal for naming businesses and brands includes several helpful articles full of naming insight you can use to coin your business name.

2.  Small Business Administration

Another online portal, this one provided by the SBA, that differs from many in that it covers the steps you need to take to formalize your business name. sba-logo.jpg (1476×651) - Google Chrome_2014-05-13_11-44-00-Optimized

3.  The Economist: “Verbing Brand Names”

Read this insightful article to understand why we “google” but we don’t “microsoft.”

4.  Naming Knowledge

Strategic Name Development offers lists of the biggest brand names, slogans, and taglines you can use to discover popular trends and to inspire your own business name.

5.  Pentagram: “How to Get a Name Right”

Covers the basics of naming your business, the right way.

6.  Highsnobiety: “The Do’s and Don’ts of Naming a Brand”

A lot of material covers what you need to do to name your business; this article also covers what you should never do.

7.  A 3-step Process for Naming

An excellent blog post that discusses the term “special wrongness.”

8.  Business Name Test

About.com helps you run your business name through the gauntlet to see if it passes the “business name test.”

9.  Namestormers Process

This professional naming firm publishes its process, so you can emulate what the pros do to name your own business. Of course, you could also hire the firm to develop your name.

10.  WordLab Business Name Generator

Not the most serious tool on the web, but it can spark inspiration. Wordlab's Business Name Generator - Google Chrome_2014-05-13_11-44-55-Optimized

11.  The Name Inspector: “10 Tips for Naming Your Company”

More professional insight into what makes a great business or brand name.

12.  Business Name and Tagline Generator

This 19-step interactive process will help you come up with the perfect brand name.

13.  NetSubstance Brand Name Generator

Enter keywords, then play with mathematical percentages to adjust attributes such as prefixes, suffixes, and vowels to develop your brand name.

14.  Igor Naming Guide

One of the most successful naming firms presents this free guide to help you name your own business. It’s available in a comprehensive version as well as a shorter version.

15.  Catchword Branding Blog

This frequently-updated blog covers all aspects of branding; read the most popular posts to help you in your process.

16.  Wordoid

Want a truly unique brand name? This creative website helps you develop new words to use as your name.

17.  NameRobot

The most comprehensive brand name generator on the web, NameRobot doesn’t spit out random names; rather, it walks you through a process to help you develop a name based on your company’s attributes.

18.  Name Mesh Startup Name Generator

Simultaneously helps you develop business names and checks their URL availability for selected domain extensions such as .com and .co.

19.  Frozen Lemons

A brand naming services that guarantees .com availability for suggested names. Pricing is tiered based on how many names you want to consider. Frozen Lemons - For Professional and Catchy Business Name Ideas - Google Chrome_2014-05-13_11-45-49-Optimized

20.  Zenmark

The world’s first “verbal design” agency focused on developing accurate brand names.

21.  A Hundred Monkeys Naming and Branding Directory

Browse names developed by A Hundred Monkeys to spark inspiration for your own; if you get stuck,  you can hire this well-known naming firm.

22.  Naming Force

Lets you run crowdsourced business naming contests.

23.  NameStation

Another crowdsourced business naming contest website.

24.  Name Contests

Yet another brand name contest site.

25.  CrowdSpring

The last business name contest site listed here, but notable for its popularity. Compare pricing and what you get for all naming contest sites in order to choose the best for you.

26.  Panabee

Helps you search for brand names, domain names, social media names, and more through the use of a comprehensive comparative search engine that makes suggestions based on keywords.

27.  Logo Savvy by WOW Branding

This hardcover book lends insight into the methods followed by the world’s top branding companies.

28.  NOLO Business Name Law

Make sure you can legally use your perfect brand name, then legally protect it using the resources listed here.

29.  Catchword Brand Name Development Guide

This free .pdf guide walks you through the process of professionally developing a brand name.

30.  Zinzin Naming Guide

Another free guide, this one reveals the Zinzin method for professional business naming. Armed with these 30 resources, you should be able to develop a powerful company or brand name that’s memorable and suits your business perfectly. What other business and brand name resources do you like?

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[…] do you want to rebrand? Are you tired of your logo, font, and company colors? Have you thought of a cool new name you wish you had named your company in the beginning? Many companies tire of seeing the same brand […]

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