30 Ways to Market With Stickers and Labels

March 12, 2014

Sticker design by PsPrint customer Peter Fraissinet for WVBR.

Sticker design by PsPrint customer Peter Fraissinet for WVBR.

Stickers and labels are excellent marketing tools, provided you define your marketing goals and then design, print, and distribute stickers and labels to help you achieve those goals. Stickers and labels are among the world’s most versatile marketing tools: You can print anything you want on labels, and stickers can be affixed almost anywhere. For your inspiration, here are 30 ways to market with stickers and labels.

  1. Affix stickers in unexpected places such as ceilings, stairwells and even public restrooms so they’re more memorable.
  2. Print die-cut labels that enhance your product and brand image.
  3. Print large stickers that work in tandem with their environment, such as a funny vending machine sticker that shows what’s “really” going on inside the machine.
  4. Print “footstep” stickers or other directional stickers to lead customers to your special deals.
  5. Add coupon codes to your labels that drive traffic to your website.
  6. Promote new products with QR codes or augmented reality features that can be printed on labels and scanned with smartphones.
  7. Print mini-stickers to brand even your smallest products.
  8. Print bumper stickers so you can promote your brand everywhere you go.
  9. You can also print stickers for vehicle windows and doors to promote your company.
  10. Get creative with lighting by placing stickers over spotlights, which will allow you to beam your logo silhouette on walls.
  11. Hand stickers out to passers-by.
  12. Print stickers to give away at trade shows.
  13. Make sure every product you ship has a bumper sticker and other stickers customers might want to use.
  14. Add value to your stickers, such as a handy conversion chart or athletic event calendar, to encourage daily use.
  15. Print specialized stickers your customers will want to place on their products, such as branded motorcycle helmet stickers, iPhone stickers or laptop stickers.
  16. Place special discount code stickers on hang tags.
  17. Distribute viral stickers – the type you’ve seen affixed to gas stations pumps.
  18. Hire drivers to place your stickers on their vehicles; many will do it for cheap.
  19. Print stickers that promote your social media channels: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  20. Turn your business cards into stickers that can be quickly referenced when needed.
  21. Send stickers as part of your direct-mail sales letter packages, then have customers affix them to a special page to get your offer. This strategy often helps generate a greater response rate.
  22. Print mailing labels that brand your company or yourself.
  23. Print return address labels that similarly brand your company.
  24. You should also print stickers as envelope sealers to give your sales letters and other communications a unique and prominent appeal.
  25. Print “quality-checked” labels to affix to your products in order to demonstrate that your goods are of superb quality.
  26. Print stickers to affix to products for which your involvement isn’t obvious, like how Intel places stickers on PCs.
  27. Print “warning” labels to make your product appear hotter, more attractive, more dangerous, more cool, etc.
  28. Go guerrilla: Employ a street team to blanket an area with stickers in short order (get permission from property owners first).
  29. Print stickers that detail user benefits of a given product, especially one that is underperforming.
  30. Let the product speak for itself: Print labels on transparent stock!


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January 07, 2016 03:22 am #

[…] in most cases. Because stickers are so versatile, you can place them almost anywhere, which is why showcasing products with stickers can be so fun and profitable. Imagine a pet food store with a sale on a specific brand of dog food […]

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