31 Postcard Marketing Ideas

July 7, 2013

Direct-mail postcard marketing is one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to generate sales. Postcards are cheap to print and have the lowest bulk postage rates. With a great offer, a highly targeted mailing list, and good design and copy, your postcard marketing campaign should yield an excellent return on your investment. If you understand the power of great postcard marketing but aren’t sure what to promote, you can glean inspiration from the following 31 postcard marketing ideas.

  1. Discount sale: Make your postcard a coupon.
  2. Odd design: Capture attention by being a little quirky.
  3. Solve a problem: Tell customers how you can make their lives easier.
  4. Freebie: Give something away in return for response.
  5. Ask a question: Use questions to intrigue your customers.
  6. Referral card sale: Offer recipients 10 percent off for every friend they bring with them. The friends get the discount, too.
  7. Mini-newsletter: Keep your newsletter investment low by printing mini-newsletters on postcards.
  8. Mini-catalog: The same goes for catalogs.
  9. Humor: A funny design will help you command attention and thus earn response, so long as it’s relevant to your business and customers.
  10. Official notice:  “Disguise” your postcards as official notices, and they won’t go ignored.
  11. Warning: Use postcards to warn customers of upcoming events that will affect them. An air conditioning company might let customers know new rules will drive up the cost of air conditioners, so it’s a good time to buy before the legislation takes effect.
  12. Be mysterious: Make customers curious, then drive them to your website or mobile app to learn more.
  13. Thank you: Send postcards to thank your best customers, and offer a special discount for their loyalty.
  14. Event invitations: Postcards are a cheap way to promote your upcoming events.
  15. Holiday cards: Send holiday wishes with postcards.
  16. Customer anniversaries: Birthdays, anniversaries and other personally special dates are great for sending congratulatory postcards.
  17. VIP treatment: Send postcards that invite your best customers (or best customer demographic) to enjoy VIP treatment for a day.
  18. Scare tactics: Use factual information to scare customers, then offer a solution to quell their fears.
  19. How-to guide: Postcards can serve as miniature five-step how-to guides that drive customers to your website or location for more information.
  20. Introduction:  If you’re new to the community or want to help a new account rep get customers, postcards are perfect for introductions.
  21. We miss you: Have a list of customers who haven’t purchased in awhile? Develop a special postcard marketing campaign just for them.
  22. Contest: Use postcards to spread the word about promotional contests that engage your customers.
  23. Poll: Ask your customers’ opinions on your company to learn ways in which you can improve.
  24. Loyalty card: Send postcards with a special die-cut pop-out loyalty card that offers something free in return for a set number of purchases.
  25. New sale or customer announcement: Real estate agents often use postcards to announce the sale of a home and introduce its new occupants to the community. You might find a way to promote something similar in your business.
  26. Featured product or service:  Feature a specific product or service that is relevant and attractive to the customer.
  27. Mini case study: Print a postcard that features a story about someone just like your recipients.  They’ll relate to the story and find your solution attractive.
  28. Email address collection: Sometimes, all you want is email addresses so you can market cheap online. Use postcards to offer an incentive for sharing.
  29. Share insights: Do some sharing of your own by sharing industry insights that will help your customers make decisions, which will lend credibility to your company. Have customers respond to get more information.
  30. Follow up: Follow up with customers after events, sales calls, etc., to drum up more business.
  31. Sneak peek:  Use postcards to offer your best customers sneak peeks of upcoming products and services, as well as industry news analysis. Promise more information or useful tools to those who respond.
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