5 Killer Halloween Marketing Ideas

October 20, 2011

Looking for some killer fresh Halloween marketing ideas? Try these for a howling good (and profitable) time!

“Thank You” Treat Boxes

Send your best customers treat boxes with thank-you notes that, accordingly, thank them for their business. Make sure you have a Halloween theme (“fang” you for your business?) and pack your box with relevant “treats” - candy, gift certificates for dinner, etc., as well as a discount from your own establishment.

Trick or Treat Night

Want to treat the adults and the kids? Hold a week-long Trick or Treat event in which you have a special deal each day. On Trick or Treat night, stay open late and pass out candy to the kids – and coupons to the parents! Stay open even later for a special Halloween midnight moonlight sale. It's a great way to push big promotions and move tons of clearance items fast. Place a large vinyl banner in front of your establishment in the weeks leading up to the big event and during the week of Halloween. You can also place banners in hot spots throughout your city.

Make Your Own Movie Poster

This one's a lot of fun, and if you pull it off right you can attract a good crowd for Halloween sales. Make your own movie poster design. It could be a spoof of a famous movie or just an eye-catching, relevant poster that people will talk about. You might, for example, design a melodramatic depiction of the horrors your competitors' customers face when dealing with their customer service ... then have an area where you promote your excellent customer service rankings. Place your posters throughout your city, in high traffic areas, and in areas your customers frequent.

Host a Costume Contest

This could go hand-in-hand with your Trick or Treat Night or be a stand-alone promotion. Hold a costume contest for adults or children – or both – and have them all come in to your establishment (or, if you're web-based, send in photos) during a specific time period. The winner gets a great prize, and everyone else gets to take advantage of awesome deals! Sponsor/Start a Zombie Crawl This is absolutely my favorite idea on this list. Sponsor the local zombie crawl and see if you can get a team of zombies in wearing your branded shirts, perhaps mauling a competitor, etc. You can pass out candy to the kids and coupons to the adults, or just have a great time playing a zombie and getting your brand name out there. No zombie crawl nearby? No worries, start your own!

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