5 Powerful Christmas Marketing Tools You Never Use (But Should)

December 4, 2014

What are your favorite Christmas marketing tools? Some of the most popular Christmas marketing tools include catalogs, holiday cards and postcards. Those are all excellent marketing tools for Christmas; in fact, they might even be considered “staple” holiday marketing materials. Though effective, they’re also the same marketing strategies employed by your competitors, which is why you should seek to supplement your staple holiday marketing campaigns with unexpected, yet powerful, marketing strategies. To that end, the following lists five powerful Christmas marketing tools you never use, but should.

1. Window clings 

If you operate a retail store in a mall setting or with a storefront facing a busy street or walkway, window clings are perfect for motivating impulse purchases. Promote your big Christmas discounts and unique benefits on big, bright, attention-getting window clings to draw customers in for a closer look.

2.  Stickers

Use stickers creatively to command attention for your Christmas sales. Large, life-sized stickers can be placed on windows, walls and doors. You can place “footprint” stickers to lead customers to your best (and most profitable) in-store sales. Stickers can also be placed in public areas to encourage traffic to your website – parks, vending areas and telephone poles (with permission) are just a few areas stickers can be creatively deployed.

3.  Banners

Large outdoor banners are perfect for promoting your Christmas deals to the masses for cheap. Place banners near high-traffic intersections and in locations your target audience is known to frequent. Relevant events, such as sporting contests and concerts, are also excellent for banner distribution. Keep your banner messages short and memorable so customers can easily recall how to take advantage of your offer: online, by phone, or in-store.

4.  Car door magnets

Car door magnets are cheap to print yet can have huge reach over the holiday season, especially if you log a lot of road miles. Print car door magnets for your own vehicles (and your entire fleet, if you have one) that exclusively promote your Christmas deals. You can also ask family and friends to sport your car door magnets over the holidays, and even offer your employees bonuses such as gas cards in return for placing your car door magnets on their vehicles during the Christmas season. A single car door magnet can be viewed by hundreds of potential customers every day.

5.  Booklets

Booklets can be powerful Christmas marketing tools, especially when you sell big ticket items that require tough decisions, such as car sales, or if you’re in a hobbyist industry in which customers often need guidance. Pet stores, for example, might print how-to booklets that detail steps to set up saltwater aquariums. The booklets can become valued reference materials for hobbyists – all the while promoting your products and services. Many companies overlook these simple, yet powerful, Christmas marketing tools. Once you’ve covered the basics, supplement your Christmas marketing with these tools to get a leg up on your competition this holiday season.

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