5 Reasons to Print Custom Holiday Business Cards

October 21, 2014

Business card credit Lauren Dickens via Under Construction

Most professionals rarely change-up their business card designs – typically only when the brand has a makeover or the old design has gone stale after several years. Often, we order box after box of business cards with no design changes at all. It seems like a wasted opportunity that such a cheap, yet powerful, marketing tool is so oft-ignored as a means to continually promote different benefits and promotions. When you can order 500 business cards for well under $50, it only makes sense to print seasonal editions. The following lists five reasons why you should print custom holiday business cards.

1.  Get noticed – and remembered

People remember the unusual, the quirky, and the fun. When you print custom holiday business cards – perhaps with your logo “dressed” in a Santa hat or a few holly leaves in the corner – the people you meet and customers you give them to will notice, and they’ll think of you first when they want to buy what you sell.

2.  Promote holiday specials

By printing seasonal holiday business cards, you can turn the back into a promotional powerhouse by showcasing your special holiday deals. You can also use a QR code to take potential customers to your online holiday catalog, mobile holiday app or your holiday-infused social media page.

3.  Tell your company’s holiday story

People buy from people, and the more human your story, the more likely they’ll want to do business with you. You can print your holiday story on the back of your business cards to show customers where you came from -  your roots, which are likely shared with many customers. Big companies employ this strategy all the time. If your company was founded by your great-grandfather and he worked late nights by the light of oil lamp to give his kids an extra special Christmas, tell your customers. If your family engages in charitable holiday activities, tell your customers.

4.  Establish solidarity

People don’t just buy from people, they buy from people they identify with. When you print custom holiday business cards, customers who share your passion for a given holiday will identify with you. You’ll establish a sense of solidarity that makes customers comfortable doing business with you and lays the foundation for long-term loyalty.

5.  Double as coupons and VIP passes

Finally, custom holiday business cards can be printed to double as time-limited coupons or VIP passes. Coupons can be redeemed in-person or via coupon code, both easy to track for return on investment. VIP passes can also be tracked and are perfect for drumming up holiday business at night clubs and restaurants. How else can you use custom holiday business cards to connect with customers and increase holiday business? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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