5 Sweet Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas

February 2, 2014

Mail out Valentine's Day-themed greeting cards or postcards promoting your sale. PsPrint features tons of lovely designs, like this one above, that are easy to personalize in our gallery. Mail out Valentine's Day-themed greeting cards or postcards promoting your sale. PsPrint features tons of lovely designs, like this one above, that are easy to personalize in our gallery.

Valentine’s Day is a veritable cash cow for many industries, which means there are ton of competitors vying for your customers’ dollars.  Small businesses might have trouble competing against large corporations; fortunately, there are some powerful yet cost-effective ways you can creatively reach your customer base to generate Valentine’s Day sales. The following lists five such unique Valentine’s Day marketing ideas.

1.  Valentine’s Day greeting cards or postcards

Design and print Valentine’s Day greeting cards or postcards that look as though they were handwritten love letters, complete with attention-getting envelopes that ask your customers to “be mine.” Count the reasons why you love your customers, then give them a sweet deal to go along with your card. The more your design looks like a real Valentine’s Day card, the more effective it will be.  Be sincere yet witty, and deliver a great offer and compelling call to action to seal the deal.

2.  Valentine’s Day dream deals

Partner with other companies to develop a Valentine’s Day package that benefits everyone. A restaurant could partner with a theater, a masseuse, and a florist to sell a massage, dinner, and show couples night out, for example. Each partner would offer a discount to make the package cheaper than buying everything separately, and thus more attractive for couples yet still profitable for each partner. Add a unique spin – such as a carriage ride – to sweeten the deal. Each partner will make more money by selling a greater volume and also has the opportunity to leave the couple with a gift bag with coupons for future dates.

3.  Huge Valentine’s Day banner

Ever see the big, cheesy declarations of love spray painted on overpasses? Sure, they’re the result of reckless teenage love, but they’re also impossible to ignore. I’m not suggesting you go around spray painting overpasses, but printing a huge vinyl banner that declares your love for customers and promotes a special offer could land the kind of Valentine’s Day sales you’ll fall in love with.

4.  Sponsor a Valentine’s Day dance

Seek out a local nonprofit organization to co-sponsor a Valentine’s Day dance with. You’ll not only get outstanding PR, you’ll also get the opportunity to showcase your business at the dance and make sure everyone leaves with a flyer.

5.  Seek the anti-Valentine’s Day crowd

Not everyone loves Valentine’s Day. In fact, some despise it. Single people, mostly, but they represent a potential market, too. Create a fun anti-Valentine’s Day marketing campaign and promote it with posters, banners, postcards, email and social media. This is a particularly good strategy for any company that sells products and services that just don’t fit well with Valentine’s Day.

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