Are You a Timid Marketer?

February 12, 2016

Are you a timid marketer? If you’re not getting the results you want from your marketing, one possible reason is you’re not being bold enough to make a positive impression on your audience and influence sales.

Timid marketers:

    • Do not try new strategies
    • Are always “testing the waters” instead of going all-in
    • Do not clarify what separates them from their competitors with distinction
    • Consistently underperform

It’s easy to be a timid marketer, because being a bold marketer means putting your neck on the line. It’s easy to let your company continue doing what it’s always done, and then to get the same results. As long as it’s enough to be profitable, you’ll probably keep your job.

But what if you could make an amazing impact on your company and catapult it to the next level of success? In doing so, you’ll also skyrocket your value to your company (and others). To do so, you’ll need to be bold.

If you want to be a bold marketer, you need to:

    • Stand up to the status quo. If you feel a different approach is better, strongly voice your opinion
    • Rock the boat. Be different and better, and prove it to your customers. Come up with an earth-shattering promotion. Reach out to journalists. Develop a killer booklet. Place a huge banner across the street from your main competitor. Turn heads everywhere
    • Always – always – be on the lookout for new marketing strategies to explore. Are your customers on Facebook? Are you? Are you really on Facebook, or just posting promos about your company? Do your customers receive mail? Do you send postcards with bold (yet true) statements that will influence response?
    • Know what separates you from the pack and make it clear at every opportunity. Do not assume customers know. Do not waver from your stance. Back it up
    • Go all-in. It’s good to test campaigns, sure; but if the metrics look good, invest heavily in growing your company. Do not shy away from making smart marketing investments
    • Learn and learn some more. Study your competitors. Read case studies from service providers. Take time every day to read about new marketing tips and strategies
    • Seek partnerships. There are a lot of non-competing companies that share your audience. Reach out to them
    • Be a customer. Live, work, and play in the same spaces they do. Understand their struggles and their passions. Define new solutions to challenges and new ways to pursue passions

If you want to propel your business to the next level, you need to be prepared to market accordingly. Stop being a timid marketer. Be bold, and be successful.


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