Beat your competitors with these underappreciated print marketing products

August 1, 2018

Looking for fresh marketing ideas to beat your competitors? One strategy is to tap into underappreciated print marketing products your competitors aren’t using so you can reach customers in places they’re missing. Notepads, hang tags, coasters, and bookmarks are all underappreciated print marketing tools that pack plenty of brand power and can motivate sales. Here’s how to leverage each for marketing success.

Print notepads for value-added branding

Notepads are perfect examples of value-added marketing tools your audience will use every day. You can print notepads to send in direct-mail sales packages, hand out at events and trade shows, and to leave behind after sales meetings and conferences.

Print notepads that feature your branding (logo, colors, styles) and contact information. Since notepads are useful, your customers will place them on their desks, by their phones, in their laptop satchels and briefcases, take them to business meetings, and use them to jot notes, plan their days, and even take restaurant orders. What better way to promote your brand every day?

notepad printing

Hang tags motivate impulse purchases

Hang tag printing is a fantastic way to command attention for special sales and apply your branding to your best products, and it’s also a powerful way to motivate impulse purchases.

If you operate a retail shop, you can print oversized hang tags to make your specials stand out in store aisles. Or, place hang tags on products positioned at the point-of-sale to snag last-minute purchases. Another excellent strategy is to place hang tags on products that complement one another; for example, if you sell swimming suits, you might put hang tags on sandals to help customers complete their outfits.

hang tag printing

Coaster printing delivers brand recognition

Coasters are unsung heroes of the marketing world: they’re useful, affordable, and can deliver big on brand recognition with targeted audiences. Coaster marketing isn’t limited to restaurant and bar brands and products, either. In fact, just about any business can take advantage of coaster printing.

For example, it’s common for beer companies to place coasters in bars to promote their beverages; but it also makes sense for a fashion company to place logos in the bars their customers patronize to promote their products. All you need to do is identify which restaurants and bars cater to your audience, then offer them free coasters to hand out to their patrons.

Coasters are also excellent event handouts and goody bag stuffers.


coaster printing

Bookmarks turn the page on traditional marketing

If your customers are voracious readers, you can print bookmarks to put your brand, products, and special offers in front of an engaged audience every single day. Give bookmarks to libraries, schools, colleges, and bookstores to hand out for free, and you can get plenty of promotional power with every turn of the page.

You can also print bookmarks to send in direct-mail packages, place in corporate identity kits, place in packages you ship, and hand out at events and in your own store.

bookmark printing

Notepads, hang tags, coasters, and bookmarks are underappreciated marketing tools, but they can deliver major brand recognition and boost sales – especially if your competitors aren’t using them. Reach customers where your competitors aren’t and win the marketing game with affordable printing services!

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