Must-Have Easter Marketing Tools

April 8, 2014

PsPrint features customizable designs such as this one for your Easter marketing materials. You just personalize it and print it! PsPrint features customizable designs such as this one for your Easter marketing materials. You just personalize it and print it!

PsPrint features customizable designs such as this one for your Easter marketing materials. You just personalize it and print it!

What makes a great Easter marketing campaign? Getting the right message and an attractive offer in front of your target customer base. The best method for reaching those who are most likely to buy your products and services for Easter can vary between industry; however, there are a few staple marketing tools proven to work well for just about any company. If you want to increase your odds of generating Easter profits, consider the following must-have Easter marketing tools.

1.  Postcards

Direct-mail postcards are excellent Easter marketing tools. They can extremely well-targeted for your customers, which increases the likelihood you’ll earn a good response rate and simultaneously eliminates wasted marketing investment. Easter postcard marketing can be particularly effective when you give customers a time-limited discount coupon or coupon code to cash in.

2.  Flyers and posters

If you want to reach customers in specific neighborhoods or in busy shopping districts, strategically placed flyers and posters can generate tons of customer foot traffic for your business. Flyers and posters can lead customers to your store, reveal a special Easter promotion, or even drive online and off-site interest – especially useful if you don’t have a physical presence near the location you want to market in.

3.  Banners

Few marketing materials can generate on-site impulse purchases as well as large vinyl banners. If you’re located in a busy retail shopping district, a huge banner outside your door can help draw customers from the other side of the street. Even if you don’t have a retail location, banners placed at high-traffic intersections can’t be missed. Include a simple memory hook on your banners so fast-driving customers understand your message and how to contact you at a glance.

4.  Greeting cards

Send Easter greeting cards to your best customers to thank them for their continued business and wish them a happy holiday. Demonstrating your appreciation can go a long way toward establishing customer loyalty; in addition, showing customers that you celebrate the same holidays they do can lend a sense of solidarity: “we’re all in this together.” You can include a special offer as your expression of appreciation in your greeting card to motivate follow-up purchases.

5.  Door hangers

Door hangers are among the most powerful Easter marketing tools because they’re impossible to ignore, they’re not bundled with competitors’ marketing materials, and they cheap to print and distribute. Like postcards, you can turn your door hangers into time-limited coupons to encourage Easter purchases. These aren’t the only Easter marketing tools you can invest it, but each represents a proven marketing strategy that increases your odds of success. Remember that repetition and a comprehensive, multi-channel marketing strategy will ultimately yield the best results. What are your favorite Easter marketing tools?

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January 07, 2016 03:22 am #

Really helpful marketing tips for Easter. You shouldn’t forget your phone system - especially your on hold messages. Great tools to promote any competitions or specials you have for Easter or for any holidays. We did this in 2014 for the Easter Competition we ran. Easter has become one of the most profitable holidays of the year, after Christmas, so start promoting your company or specials you may have through your phone system as well; making the most of holidays!

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January 07, 2016 03:22 am #

Great tip, Karen - thanks for sharing! I'm always on the lookout for great ways to market, and I'll bet customers respond well to competition-based promotions. If well-targeted, customers might even appreciate being put on hold; though I think an initial greeting when they call might be more effective.

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