How Postcards Can Transform Your Business in 3 Months

February 23, 2015

Postcard by Red Monkey Design for LuLu’s on Main

Did you know postcard marketing has the potential to transform your business very quickly? Indeed, with a strategic approach you can attract new customers by launching a dedicated postcard marketing campaign. The following details one way postcards can transform your business in three months.

The scenario

Let’s say you have a new product or service to promote, or one of your flagship products or services is currently available for a significant discount. You’d like to land as many new leads as possible over the next three months so you can convert them into sales. Postcards are excellent tools for this type of scenario because they allow you to reach a well-defined audience with a convenient, tangible marketing piece designed to command attention and motivate response.

Great mailing lists are money

Perhaps the most critical step in the process is to develop a winning mailing list. Start by listing the traits shared by your top customers so you can identify a “best customer” demographic profile. Then, build a mailing list comprised only of people who match those demographics. In this manner, you can send your postcards only to those who are likely to buy what you sell. PsPrint has a mailing list builder tool you can use when you create your postcard marketing campaign.

Develop your offer

The next step, also critical, is to develop your offer. Since you’ll be sending multiple postcards over a three-month period (repetition is important), you might make your offers increasingly more attractive. For example, your first postcard might offer 10 percent off, your second 15, and your third 20. The idea is to send the first postcard with an offer expiration a few days after your third and final postcard will be delivered; each postcard will feature a slightly different pitch:

  • Postcard 1: Your product or service will be presented with a time-limited discount
  • Postcard 2: This postcard serves as a reminder for customers to respond before it’s too late; it might also make the offer more attractive with an extra incentive
  • Postcard 3: The “last chance” postcard, which might also sweeten the deal to motivate the “fence-sitters” to take the next step in the purchasing process

Of course, these are generalized examples; you should tailor your offer to your company and customer base. Plan to send your first postcard immediately, your second 30 days later, and your third 15 days after that. You will send all three postcards to the same mailing list (less those who have already responded). Keep in mind that repetition is important for direct-mail marketing, so sending three postcards over a two-month period and spending the third month on follow-ups and conversions can have a significant impact on your ultimate success.

Print and mail your postcards

Your postcard design should command attention, your copy should create desire and motivate action, and your postcard printing should be of premium-quality. Your postcard printing company can likely handle all of these for you (PsPrint does), in addition to addressing and mailing your postcards at bulk rates. Once your postcard mailing campaign is set in motion, it’s practically on autopilot: all you have to do is follow up with customers who respond and scratch names off subsequent mailing lists (you don’t want a customer who just bought from you to get another postcard with a better deal – it’s wasteful and could cause hard feelings). It should go without saying that you need to track your response rate and return on investment so you can determine the success of each mailer.

Transformation complete

If you can develop an attractive offer and use postcards to deliver it to a well-targeted audience, then follow up with repetition and increased incentives, you can attract new customers that propel your company to the next level. That’s how postcards can transform your business in just three months.

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