Print these tools for affordable year-round marketing in 2019

December 31, 2018

Looking for an affordable way to reach your customers every day of the year? It’s easy to do when you know which marketing tools people prefer. In fact, several print marketing options have better costs per impression than digital marketing. Get started with the following tools you can print for affordable year-round marketing.

1. Calendars

Calendar printing is an excellent way to keep your company in front of potential customers daily. In fact, the average home has more than three printed calendars, and the average business has two or more — and 70 percent of them plan to do business with companies that provide the calendars.

Wall calendar printing is ideal for B2C companies, while B2B marketers might prefer desk calendar printing for office environments. Either way, calendar marketing is an incredibly affordable way to market your company year-round.

Consider this: You can print 1,000 wall calendars for around $2,000. If each calendar gets referenced an average of twice per day, that amounts to 730,000 impressions — at a cost of $0.0027 per impression!

Calendar for Law Offices of Thomas N. Jacobson designed by Tom Jacobson

2. Magnets

Magnet printing is another affordable marketing strategy that offers year-round benefits. You can print refrigerator magnets featuring useful information such as sports schedules, service directories, emergency numbers, conversion charts, menus or even discount coupon codes. Potential customers will appreciate that information, and they’ll use your magnets to display important things like bills, kids’ artwork and photos on their refrigerators.

Did you know that 87 percent of people use refrigerator magnets, or that the average household opens the fridge 40 times per day?

Now, think about this: You can print 1,000 fridge magnets for around $120. Multiply that 1,000 times 40 opens per day, 365 days per year, and you get 14.6 million annual impressions for that $120 investment! Best of all, you can design your own magnets online — for free!

3. Vinyl banners

Vinyl banners stand up to the elements, so they make great year-round outdoor marketing tools. Not only that, but you can print vinyl banners at affordable prices. Place them in strategic high-traffic areas to get massive bang for your marketing buck every day of the year. 

For example, you could print four 3-foot by 6-foot vinyl banners and place them near the busiest local intersections. We’ll be conservative and say each intersection averages around 1,500 cars per day, and that there’s only one person in each car. Your investment would be around $220, yet you’d be able to put your message in front of potential customers 547,500 times each year!

Banner for Valley Montessori School

4. Stickers

Sticker printing is a versatile marketing strategy that can expose your business to hundreds or even thousands of people every single day. You can print bumper stickers for on-the-go marketing, branded stickers to place in high-visibility areas, specialized stickers that serve a specific function — such as laptop stickers — and more!

The number of potential customers you can reach with sticker marketing depends on where you place them, but it could easily be 1,000 or more people per day with intelligent distribution. Print 1,000 4-inch by 6-inch stickers for around $175, then enjoy as many as 365,000 impressions each year!

Die-cut sticker for The Infinite Monkey Theorem

5. Memo pads and notepads

Memo pads and notepads make outstanding promotional gifts your audience will use. Print notepads to be used around the family hub so members can leave important notes or jot down grocery lists — all the while promoting your brand! Print memo pads as excellent giveaways for office staff, who will use them to send memos to one another, jot down important phone call and meeting notes, and use them to take the office lunch order.

If each notepad or memo pad gets just one use per day, you can print 1,000 and get up to 365,000 (or more) impressions per year!

These marketing tools make it easy to promote your company year-round by putting your brand or special offer in front of your audience every single day. Best of all, when you consider cost per impression, these marketing strategies are ultra-affordable — many even beat average digital CPMs! Maximize your ROI and with unforgettable year-round marketing when you print premium marketing tools at discount prices today!

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