Show Customer Appreciation with Greeting Cards

June 14, 2015

Jerry Gregoire called the customer experience a competitive battleground, a poignant thought for today’s small businesses and marketers: with so many competitors vying for your customers’ business, you must give your customers an outstanding experience if you want to earn their long-term loyalty. One great way to enhance customers’ experience is to express your appreciation for their business, and greeting cards are perfect ways to show customer appreciation.

Why greeting cards are perfect for customer appreciation

Greeting cards are perfect customer appreciation tools because:

  • they’re personalized (you can even add in handwritten notes), so they’re meaningful
  • they’re tangible – customers actually hold them in their hands
  • they can deliver special deals provided only to your best customers
  • they’re cheap to print and mail
  • they’re often unexpected, differentiating you from competitors

Nearly everyone feels special and appreciated when they receive a greeting card, which enhances the customer experience and makes customers feel good about doing business with you.

How to show customer appreciation with greeting cards

Start by designing a greeting card that showcases your brand and features large “thank-you” text. The PsPrint Design Library offers several free thank-you greeting card templates you can customize with your own logo, text, and other elements. Print your greeting cards on attractive paper stock, but leave the inside panels uncoated so you can write on them with a pen and tailor your message of appreciation to each individual customer. Print plenty of thank-you greeting cards so you have them on-hand to send when:

  • you land a new customer
  • you want to check in on a customer
  • you want to send holiday greetings
  • you want to let your customers know you value them and are here to help

The best strategy is to send individual greeting cards as-needed; that way, you can add a personal handwritten note. However, if you want to mass mail hundreds or thousands of potential customers you might not have the capacity to include a handwritten note in each greeting card; in this case, use a script font or your signature scanned and converted to a digital image to “sign” your greeting cards. Doing so makes your greeting card appear more personalized, even if it’s obvious you didn’t actually sign it. Show customer appreciation by:

  • thanking your customers and telling them how much you appreciate them
  • telling them you’re here to help with any questions they might have
  • offering a discount, freebie, or invitation to a special event (not a sales event, unless there is some real benefit just for showing up)
  • giving individual customers personalized gifts: do you have a customer who loves wine? Send a greeting card along with the latest vintage from a local winery, for example. Have a customer who loves baseball? Send a greeting card with tickets to an upcoming game

Keep in mind the goal of expressing customer appreciation with greeting cards is not to solicit direct sales; rather, it’s to thank your customers and build relationships. The long-term rewards realized over a lifetime of customer loyalty far outweigh the initial investment, even if that return is delayed. Want to boost your brand image and show your customers some love? Start your greeting card customer appreciation campaign now!

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