Show Customer Appreciation with a Loyalty Rewards Card

June 21, 2015

Demonstrating appreciation for your customers is a great way to foster long-term loyalty, and one of the best ways to show customer appreciation is to print loyalty rewards cards. A loyalty rewards card is perfect for businesses that receive a lot of repeat business: retailers and restaurants, for example, but also service-based companies such as carpet cleaners and mechanics. The great thing about a loyalty rewards card is that it not only shows customers you care, it can also help you earn more business from your most loyal patrons. The following demonstrates how to show customer appreciation with a loyalty rewards card.

Develop your loyalty reward offer

The best loyalty reward offers grant customers a desirable incentive to make multiple purchases. Your incentive should be something your customers want; it should have value, but you should still be able to profit from the rewards program. For example, a coffee shop might print loyalty rewards cards that grant customers a free cup of coffee after ten purchases. In this scenario, the coffee shop’s cost of the free cup is absorbed by part of the profit from the previous ten sales. Loyalty rewards cards are win-win: you get repeat business, and customers get a price break or freebie they already want or need.

Design and print loyalty rewards cards

Once you’ve determined your loyalty reward offer, the next step is to design and print your loyalty rewards cards. Loyalty rewards cards are typically the size of business cards, which makes them easy to carry. In fact, you’re essentially printing business cards designed as loyalty rewards cards. Your design should be attention-getting and exciting; showcase the reward your customers get on the front of your card. You might want to place relevant icons on your card that can be punched or stamped whenever a customer makes a purchase (make sure your punch or stamp is unique so you can identify it as yours). You want your loyalty rewards cards to last, so print them on a premium paper stock that matches the look and feel of your brand. Options include 14 or 16 point gloss, 13 point recycled matte, and 15 point velvet. You might also want to consider setting your loyalty rewards cards apart by printing them on uncoated paper stocks (to make it easy to stamp or write on them), folded business cards (which allow you place extra marketing information on your cards), or ultra business cards (which are extra thick and feature a colored band around the outside edge).

Distribute your loyalty rewards cards

Once you print your loyalty rewards cards, it’s time to put them to work. Start by handing your cards out to every customer; you can also give them away to everyone you meet outside of your business location. See if you can partner with non-competing businesses who share your customer base to place your loyalty rewards cards on their counters and vice versa. You can also consider sending your loyalty rewards cards via direct-mail, particularly to an in-house mailing list comprised of your best customers.

Track your response

Finally, be sure to keep all the loyalty rewards cards customers turn in so you can track your response rate. Knowing how many customers complete your rewards program will help you determine whether your campaign is effective and whether customers feel appreciated enough to buy in. Loyalty rewards card printing is one way to show customer appreciation, especially if it’s part of a dedicated effort to make sure your customers know how much you value their business. Best of all, loyalty rewards cards can help you earn more money in the process. Print loyalty rewards cards for your customers today! photo credit: So many coffee loyalty cards via photopin(license)

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