Stop Sending Boring Postcards with These Tips

February 27, 2017

If you’re not getting the return on investment you’d like from your direct-mail postcard marketing campaigns, chances are the problem is you – or, more specifically, your postcard. A lot of postcard marketing advice centers around strategy and best practices, but most lists of postcard marketing tips do not address a common oversight: your postcards are boring.

In our quest to check off all the postcard marketing best practices boxes, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture and fail to recognize just how a given postcard will be perceived by our audiences. Simply having benefit rich copy, a call to action, and attractive offer isn’t enough. To earn the greatest response rates, your postcards must be exciting! To that end, the following tips will help you stop sending boring postcards – and start earning the return on investment of your dreams!

 postcard marketing tips

Command attention with design

Stop using competitor postcards and industry templates for inspiration; instead, create your own postcard design featuring unique images, graphics, and colors that command attention at the mailbox. Print your postcards on premium paper stocks – ultra postcards, for example, are triple-thick feature a bright band of attention-getting edge color.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate out-of-the-box themes into your postcard designs: oddities, humor, bright high-contrast color schemes, even a fear factor. You want your audience to notice your postcard and have an instant emotional response. This is the best way to ensure they’ll read your copy and vastly increases the chances they’ll respond.

Promise an enhanced experience

By now you know it’s important to include your product or service benefits into your postcard copy, but benefits don’t tell the whole story. Dig deeper to uncover the enhanced experience your customers will enjoy when they buy from you.

For example, a quick oil change center might promote its convenient, fast oil changes that let people get back to their lives in no time. That’s a good benefit to include, certainly; but it’s still missing the customer experience, which might be summed up with a statement such as “We’ll finish your oil change before you finish your complimentary cup of coffee.”

Create a can’t-miss offer

Want to offer 10 percent off? Boring. There’s nothing new about that, and it’s probably not enough to wow your audience. You want your audience to feel like they’re getting the deal of a lifetime.

What can you give away? How far can you slash prices and still be profitable? Can you afford to take an initial loss but gain given the lifetime value of a new customer? What incentives and add-ons can you package in with your deal?

Know your audience’s triggers. It could be as simple as creating convenience, such as free gift-wrapping with a two-day shipping guarantee. Or, you might need to offer a freebie or vastly-reduced price to make your customers’ jaws drop. Either way, your goal should be to create an offer that blows your customers away – and still retains profitability for your business.

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