Top 30 Summer Blockbuster Movie Posters of All Time

June 6, 2013

Summer is here, which means it's time for movie-goers to be inundated with marketing for summer blockbusters. And that’s good, because marketing brings us to the theaters to buy the tickets that ultimately fund next year’s batch of flicks. Without marketing, no one gets paid and no one makes movies. The most popular way to market movies is with movie posters, in particular the large movie posters theaters place in backlit marquees. You know them as the boxes that say “Coming Soon” or “Now Showing.” You also probably have a personal list of your favorite summer blockbusters of all time; but this list isn’t about how great the actual movies were, but how awesome their movie posters were. I present here, in no particular order, my top 30 summer blockbuster movie posters of all time. Most of these movie posters are so iconic, they’re the first images that come to mind whenever the movies they represent are mentioned. Which summer blockbuster movie poster is your favorite?

1. Jaws

jaws (1)  

2.  Raiders of the Lost Ark


3.  Ghostbusters


4.  E.T.


5.  Aliens


6.  Face/Off


7.  Terminator 2


8.  Star Wars


9.  Batman

batman (1)  

10.  Gladiator


11.  The Dark Knight


12.  Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban


13.  Animal House


14.  Total Recall


15.  Who Framed Roger Rabbit?


16.  Die Hard


17.  The Bourne Ultimatum


18.  Jurassic Park


19.  Gremlins


20.  Independence Day


21.  Armageddon


22.  Back to the Future

back_to_the_future (1)  

23.  X Men 2


24.  Forrest Gump

forrest_gump (1)  

25.  Poltergeist


26.  The Goonies


27.  Pirates of the Caribbean


28.  The Great Escape


29.  District 9


30.  Top Gun


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Jennifer's picture
Jennifer January 07, 2016 03:22 am #

I've seen every one except Independence Day and Armaggedon. I'm ok with never seeing the latter.

Anonymous's picture
January 07, 2016 03:22 am #

Ha ha, Jennifer! Twelve loyal Armageddon fans can't be wrong... can they?

Anonymous's picture
January 07, 2016 03:22 am #

The Gladiator, Dark Knight and Jurassic Park posters are the stand-out posters here for me. Jurassic Park kept it so simple yet it is so effective. The colour contrast between red and black, and the central outline of a dinosaur skeleton are all effective features. One I haven't mentioned which is also impressive is Forrest Gump. I love the symbolism in the poster.

Anonymous's picture
January 07, 2016 03:22 am #

Thanks for your feedback, GB! I think the Jurassic Park poster is my favorite. The Ghostbusters poster is similar in terms of simplicity and color contrast. Both are unmistakable!

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