Turn $2,500 into $280,000: 10 Reasons You Need Door Hanger Marketing

June 14, 2017

Did you know the average cost per lead for retail shops is $29, or that companies in finance industries pay $47 per lead? What if we said you could slash that investment to a cool $12.50 per lead with door hanger marketing?

Let’s look at an example campaign to print and distribute 10,000 door hangers to a local audience:

  • 10,000 door hangers printed @ 5 cents each
  • 10,000 door hangers distributed @ 20 cents each
  • Total campaign investment: $2,500 (25 cents each, printed and delivered)
  • Response rate: 2%
  • Number of leads generated: 200
  • Cost per lead: $12.50

Now, let’s say you have a lead conversion rate of 10 percent and your lifetime value per customer is $14,000 (similar to Starbucks). This campaign would net 20 customers and generate a total lifetime revenue of $280,000. Not too shabby for a $2,500 investment.

Of course, you’ll need to keep marketing to your customers to realize that return; but your door hanger marketing campaign is the catalyst that attracts customers to your company and allows you to take advantage of future marketing opportunities. 

The following lists 10 more reasons why you need door hanger marketing.

1. Door hangers are impossible to ignore

Rifling through a stack of direct-mail makes it easy to cast aside all but the most relevant and attention-getting postcards and catalogs, but every single door hanger must be physically handled by the recipient – and we tend to look at what we touch.

 church door hanger

Door hanger for Menchville Baptist Church

2. Door hangers are tangible

The power of touch is important; tactile sensations can influence customer perception about your brand. For example, door hangers printed on thick, heavy, smooth paper stock lends a sense of quality, strength, trust, and professionalism to your company.

3. Door hangers are ultra-targeted

Want to target people in affluent neighborhoods who need new roofing? How about middle class neighborhoods who do not have time for landscaping and lawn care? Want to sell homes in an up-and-coming neighborhood?

Door hangers can be ultra-targeted not only by neighborhood, but also by home, since you can visually inspect each along your path to identify your most likely customers. The better your targeting, the better your return on investment.

 landscaping door hanger

Door hanger designed by Natalie Branche for N&N Landscaping in New Orleans

4. You can include add-ons

Print door hangers with perforated business cards; or, add a stick-on refrigerator magnet. It’s unlikely people we keep your 4-inch by 11-inch door hangers after the initial contact and response, but they might keep your business cards for future reference and refrigerator magnets are useful add-ons that will put your brand front-and-center every time your prospects are in the kitchen.

5. Door hangers can open the door for permission-based marketing

Use door hangers to direct customers to your online landing page or social media page; then, offer an incentive for permission-based marketing such as email sign-ups and social follows. This type of permission-based marketing makes it easy to continually reach out to your audience in a digital format with minimal investment.

6. Door hangers can be tracked

Coupons, coupon codes, and campaign-specific offers make it easy to track your door hanger response rate. If you’ll be distributing door hangers in multiple neighborhoods, be sure to differentiate your tracking mechanisms between them so you know which yield the best response (and subsequent conversions). You can use this information to develop even more efficient door hanger marketing campaigns later.

7. Door hangers aren’t limited to local marketers

Sure, door hangers are excellent marketing tools for local landscapers, real estate agents, contractors, HVAC services, and others; however, even regional companies and national brands can achieve success with door hanger marketing. Use door hangers to draw customers to your website in any neighborhood nationwide.

 solar door hanger

Door hanger design by Paul McDougal Marketing Inc.’s Kurt Ogawa for Barrier Solar

8. Door hangers offer easy repetition

It’s well-known that repetition increases your response rates and brand recognition, and door hangers make it easy to put your company in front of targeted prospects on a regular basis. One excellent strategy is to continually track neighborhood response rates; then, target future campaigns on identical neighborhoods as well as those that have positive past performance.

9. Door hangers offer options

Direct-mail is a powerful marketing channel, but you must conform to size and weight restrictions to keep your postage investment in check. Door hangers have no such restrictions, so you can print attention-commanding oversized door hangers that make a strong impact on your prospects.

10. You can do it yourself – and make even more

You don’t need to hire a door hanger distribution service; you can distribute your door hangers yourself, have your employees do it, or even recruit volunteers (and perhaps reward them with a pizza or cocktail party). Another option is to ask a local club or charity if they’re interested in distributing them for a set donation-per-door hanger, which can be cheaper than professional distribution. In each case, it’s possible to reduce your distribution costs and earn greater return on investment from your door hanger marketing campaigns.

Ready to launch a successful door hanger marketing campaign? Do it for less with premium, discount door hanger printing.

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