Use this flyer marketing strategy to increase sales in 2019

December 26, 2018

 Looking for an easy way to boost sales in 2019? What if you could use flyers to reach a highly-targeted audience with an average 0.35 percent conversion rate for a third of the cost of direct-mail marketing? Most companies would be thrilled with those results, and the best part is, you can achieve similar results by printing flyers as packaging inserts. The following outlines how to use package insert flyers to increase sales in 2019. 

Why print packaging insert flyers?

Package insert flyers offer multiple benefits to businesses that want to increase sales at an affordable price.

They reach a highly-targeted audience

This audience is already likely to be interested in your products or services. Let’s say you sell desktop printers. With every shipment, you can include a flyer that promotes a special deal on ink cartridges. Since your customers need ink cartridges, they’re likely to take you up on your offer.

Another example: let’s say you sell jump ropes. You could partner with a company that sells popular workout DVDs to insert your flyers with their shipments. Since their DVDs include jump rope exercises, their audience is likely to be interested in your products.

They don't break the bank

If you’re inserting flyers into your own packaging, your only investment is flyer printing (and you can print 1,000 4-inch by 6-inch flyers for around $80). If you want to insert flyers in a partner’s shipments, prices vary  but on average your investment will be one-third of what you’d spend on traditional direct-mail marketing. You also have the benefit of reaching a well-targeted audience and an element of trust: Recipients have purchased from your partner and are likely to trust any materials they send.

They work 

Marketing Sherpa puts the average conversion rate at 0.35 percent — which is a fantastic conversion rate  and goes on to say conversion rates can reach one percent! (Keep in mind this figure represents the number of people who end up buying from you.)

So, let’s say you spend $250 to insert 5,000 flyers that promote a deal that nets you $50 with each sale. That amounts to 17 sales for $850. Subtract your $250 investment, and you profit $600! Now, imagine if you expand this to 10,000 or 100,000 inserts.

How to increase sales with packaging insert flyers

Increasing sales with package insert flyers is a simple process; here’s how to do it.

Set your goals

Start by identifying your goals. Earning more sales is the obvious goal, but there’s more than one way to accomplish that. For example, you can print flyers featuring a time-limited discount offer  perhaps the most common type of insert. Or, you can print flyers asking customers to subscribe to your email newsletter in return for a discount code. Another option is to ask customers to review your product on your social media sites. This in turn helps convince others to buy from you (and could lead to increased customer loyalty from reviewers, who may take on the brand ambassador role).

Identify your audience

Once you know your goal, identify your audience: Is it existing customers who have just purchased a specific product from you or customers of another company you’ll need to partner with? Do these customers fit a certain demographic? This information will help you decide the best way to distribute your flyer inserts.

Develop projections

It’s a good idea to develop projections for your campaign. How many flyers can you insert? How much will you invest? As noted, if you’re inserting flyers into your own packaging, your only investment is flyer printing. But if you’re partnering with another company, they’ll charge an insert fee that you’ll need to be aware of. What is your net profit after sale, and how many sales can you expect to make based on the average conversion rate? When you make projections, you’ll be able to measure performance, and you can do your best to ensure your flyer package insert campaign is successful before you invest the first dollar.

Design and print your flyers

If you’re sending flyers to your own customer base, the next step is to develop your offer (or ask, depending on your goals), create your flyer design and print your flyers. If you wish to insert flyers into another company’s packaging, reach out to develop a partnership before you print your flyers. They might have certain guidelines or conditions you’ll need to know before you develop your creative. Once those details are ironed out, you can design and print your flyers.

Inserting flyers into packaging is a simple and straightforward way to boost sales. This marketing strategy requires minimal investment yet yields predictably positive results, which means you should consider printing packaging insert flyers to increase sales in 2019. Maximize your ROI with discount flyer printing today.

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