What's the Best Type of Facebook Post for Small Businesses?

July 2, 2014

If you operate a small business, you undoubtedly know that Facebook can be a valuable asset for reaching and engaging your customer base. What you might not know, however, is how to best harness the power of Facebook’s social tools to maximize success. Do you know, for example, what’s the best type of Facebook post for small business? How about the best day and time to publish new posts? The following will help you answer those questions.

What’s the best type of Facebook post for small businesses? Deciding what to post is the first step to achieving small business success on Facebook. Many experts will tell you that simply promoting your products and services is not a good way to go. You’re far better off posting interesting content, contests and sprinkling in the occasional value-added promo. Keep in mind that the goal isn’t necessarily reach in terms of most views, but engagement in terms of likes, shares and comments. You want people to interact with your brand, hence the social nature of Facebook. That said, Nimble.com’s Nick Steeves offers an excellent breakdown of which post types perform best on Facebook:

  • Single-image posts result in 120 percent increased engagement over the average post
  • Photo album posts result in 180 percent increased engagement
  • Video posts result in 100 percent increased engagement
  • Short text posts (between 100 and 250 characters) result in 90 percent increased engagement

Thus, it stands to reason that posting photos and photo albums that feature interesting and comment-worthy images are the best options for small businesses. Videos and brief text posts are also good post ideas. Keep in mind that these figures deal with averages: different industries, customer demographics, and other variables can skew results one way or another. For example, your business might have better luck posting videos than photo albums if your customers tend to respond better to videos.

What’s the best day and time to post on Facebook? The ability to schedule Facebook posts makes it easy to control when your posts will be published.  By and large, posting near the end of the week tends to produce better results, with Thursday commanding the lion’s share of views according to Buffer App’s Belle Beth Cooper. Social Media Today’s Danielle Cormier reports that your posts earn half their reach within 30 minutes of posting, and that early morning, the period between work and dinner, and bedtime are the best times of the day to post. The real key to achieving greater success for your small business on Facebook is knowing your customers. Understand their routines and their passions, then craft posts that speak to their interests and are displayed when they’re on Facebook. No matter how many studies have been conducted on averages, it’s impossible to predict with absolute accuracy how your customer base will respond to your Facebook posts without tracking and measuring. You’re not going to get it perfect the first (or second or third) time around, but by testing different types of posts and days/times, then analyzing Facebook Insights, you’ll be able to identify which posts times and post types perform best for your small business.

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