You don’t have to put the 'Labor' in Labor Day print marketing

August 22, 2018

Labor Day is an excellent opportunity to close out summer with strong sales. According to a WalletHub survey, Labor Day weekend shoppers spend an average of $58 per person, 86 percent of Americans travel by car, and more than 40 percent plan to celebrate the holiday with a cookout. Labor Day spending means Labor Day sales, and the best part is you don’t need to put the “labor” in Labor Day marketing when you take advantage of the following easy print marketing tips to promote your Labor Day deals!

 Labor Day print marketing ideas

Easy Labor Day outdoor marketing ideas

Outdoor marketing is a cost-effective way to promote your Labor Day sales, and it’s super-easy to place outdoor marketing tools where locals and travelers will take notice. Ideas include:

  • Print banners and place them alongside busy roadways and near high-traffic intersections
  • Print outdoor wall graphics and place them in prominent shopping districts
  • Place yard signs in strategic neighborhoods where your customers live or drive
  • Consider printing door hangers to place on doors in targeted neighborhoods
  • If you’re traveling or have a fleet of vehicles, print car door magnets that promote your Labor Day sales to market on the go
  • If you have a retail storefront, print window clings that advertise your Labor Day deals to turn window shoppers into customers

 door hanger printing

Door hanger for Tap Fourteen

Easy Labor Day direct-mail marketing ideas

Direct-mail marketing is a powerful way to target an audience that’s likely to buy, based on demographics such as location, income, gender, interests and more. Labor Day direct-mail marketing ideas include:

 postcard printing

Postcard for Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center

Easy Labor Day print display marketing ideas

Display marketing is a great way to reach Labor Day buyers when they’re out and about. Try these Labor Day print display marketing ideas:

  • Print flyers and posters, then place them in prominent locations such as community bulletin boards and storefronts to advertise your Labor Day sales
  • Place catalogs, booklets, calendars, and brochures on countertops and in point-of-sale displays in targeted stores. You might need to pay for the space; or, you can partner with non-competing businesses that share your audience to swap ad space
  • Print stickers or hang tags to place on your in-store products. Use bright, bold colors to make your Labor Day deals stand out so you can move more merchandise fast
  • Print coasters to place in local restaurants and bars, especially if you sell a product or service local patrons are likely to buy. Many will hand out your coasters for free
  • You can also partner with restaurants or bars to print table tents that feature your promo on one side, theirs on the other

 coaster printing

Coaster for Go Balto designed by Kim Mason

Labor Day marketing doesn’t need to be laborious, especially when you choose print marketing to promote your Labor Day deals. Identify which Labor Day marketing tools will help you reach your audience, then create a compelling offer to boost end-of-summer sales. Don’t forget to maximize your ROI with discount printing!

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