10 Places to Market with Stickers

March 11, 2014

image9deninescupcakes Design by Denine Shern for PsPrint customer Denine’s Cupcakes, who places these stickers on all their boxes.

By now you probably know that stickers can be powerful marketing tools, in large part because they’re able to be affixed nearly anywhere and therefore add an element of surprise – a great way to earn memory retention. Your sticker design, copy and branding play major roles in the success of your sticker marketing campaign, but perhaps the most critical factor is sticker placement. You have to place stickers where your target audience will find them in order to achieve the best results. To help you brainstorm, here are 10 places to market with stickers.

1.  Windows, walls and doors

The most obvious places for sticker marketing might be the best, mostly because there’s almost always space at eye level. You can use stickers to have fun with windows, walls, and doors as well – take, for example, the beer brand that printed stickers to look like mugs and placed them around door pulls.

2.  Ceilings

Ceilings are likewise good places for sticker marketing, provided you can reach your target customer base. They’re completely unexpected, so they have high impact. One of my favorite sticker marketing ideas is the mouth wash company that placed stickers on ceilings above dentist chairs.

3.  Vehicles

Bumper stickers are still powerfully effective, and so are window stickers.

4.  The grocery store

Produce is ripe for sticker marketing, and stickers can also be placed on relevant products. You’ll have to get the manager’s permission for this (or work with one of the brands they carry), but if you swing a deal you’ll enjoy excellent reach – provided your target customer base shops at grocery stores.

5.  Gas station pumps

You’ve certainly seen the political stickers on gas station pumps. Add your own marketing stickers at buys gas stations (with the station manager’s permission, of course). Try using a memorable phone number or URL so customers don’t forget to call or visit your website once they get home.

6.  Public restrooms

It’s tough to beat public restrooms for unexpected sticker marketing opportunities: stall doors, floors, mirrors, sinks, hand dryers, and other surfaces make perfect – and often humorous – sticker marketing surfaces.

7.  Elevators

The constant opening and closing of elevators present fun opportunities for clever sticker marketing.

8.  Floors

Place stickers on the floor that lead to your sales items, and use them to remind customers of other things they need along the way. If a pet store was having a sale on dog food, for example, they might print paw print stickers and have them lead customers to the food aisle – but before they get there, they’ll walk past the food bowls and dog treats.

9.  In sales letters

Stickers have long been used in sales letter packages to help motivate response. Giving customers something they can do right now to start the purchasing process helps motivate follow-through.

10.  In every package you send

If you ship retail products, throw a sticker in every single package you send. Many customers who identify with your brand will be happy to prominently display your stickers where their friends – more potential customers – will see them.

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