10 Places to Maximize Poster Visibility

June 26, 2013

Poster on Wall by icantgetenough

Poster marketing is one of the most cost-efficient ways to market your products, services and brand to the masses.  Premium poster printing is cheap; however, some business owners and marketers struggle to find good placement for their posters. If that sounds like you, consider the following 10 places to maximize poster visibility.

1.  Restrooms

Everyone uses restrooms, which makes them excellent places for poster distribution. I like placing posters directly over men’s urinals and on the inside of restroom stall doors. With that kind of placement, they’re impossible to ignore.

2. Grocery stores

Most grocery stores have community bulletin boards. The public counts on these bulletin boards for information about upcoming events, business service advertisements and other relevant news. Moreover, nearly everyone goes to the grocery store, so you can reach a lot of people with a single poster placement.

3.  Public bulletin boards

Grocery stores aren’t the only places you’ll find public bulletin boards. Many communities have boards with free placement near city centers. If your poster has an outstanding design, you can make your message stand out from the crowd.

4.  Shopping districts and malls

Central displays and even walls in shopping districts and malls are perfect for retail product and service industry poster advertising. The people there are already in the shopping spirit, and they’re more apt to follow-up.  Make your posters interactive with QR codes so you can generate immediate response via smartphones and other devices.

5.  Public parks

Public parks are excellent locations for poster distribution, especially if you can get placement near the most-frequented locations: ball fields, exercise equipment, shelter houses, picnic areas, tennis courts, locker rooms and concession stands.

6.  Athletic facilities

If your community has local sports teams, place posters in the halls and near concession stands. Minor league baseball teams, high school football stadiums, basketball courts, hockey stadiums and soccer fields all provide good opportunities for high poster visibility.

7.  Entertainment venues

Theaters, race tracks, mini-golf courses, comedy clubs and other entertainment venues can offer high-visibility poster placement.  You might have to pay for the advertising, but if you can reach both the masses and your target customers, the investment could be a pittance compared to your return.

8.  Near outdoor restaurants

If your customers frequent specific restaurants that feature outdoor dining areas, look for nearby areas within view of outdoor seating. Patrons will see your posters when they take in their environment.

9.  Bars and nightclubs

Many bars and nightclubs will allow you to place your posters in their establishments. Some might charge a small fee; but most will let you advertise for free – especially if you can throw something in it for them, such as advertising their upcoming Ladies’ Night on the bottom of your poster.

10.  Non-competing businesses

Seek out non-competing businesses that share your customer base, and work out a deal to place posters at each others’ locations. This is a great way to get your posters in front of a highly-targeted audience for a minimal investment.

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